Video: The MB&F Story

Watch the video up top first. And then read on =)

In case you’ve had trouble figuring out who the people in the video are, they are in the order of their appearance:

• Maximilian Büsser, Founder of MB&F
• Serge Kriknoff, Partner and Chief Technology Officer
• Eric Giroud, watch design genius who has collaborated with the brand on countless Machines
• Didier Dumas, Head of Watchmaking at MB&F
• Charris Yadigaroglou, Head of Communications at MB&F

MB&F turned ten years old in the year 2015, but even in the matter of a decade that’s been, it’s easy to say that without these guys the present day creative watchmaking landscape is hard to imagine.

The brand’s most recent offering was the HM8 Can-Am, which Suzanne Wong ushered onto the pages of Revolution.Watch here. And now we eagerly wait in anticipation of what’s in store from Max and his team for SIHH 2017. Meanwhile take time to enjoy this little video that the guys have put together charting the story of the brand so far, told by the people who have helped write it.

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