Up for Charity: Azimuth Round-1 Back In Time Jeremy Monteiro Edition

Azimuth recently collaborated with notable Singapore Jazz maestro Jeremy Monteiro to produce a unique limited edition Azimuth Round-1 Back In Time J.M. “35” timepiece for auction; the proceeds from the sale go towards Very Special Arts Singapore, a charity whose goals include giving those with disabilities access to the arts for social and rehabilitative reasons. Revolution caught up with Alvin Lye, Executive Director of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Azimuth to get the lowdown on the timepiece.

Revo: I’ve been a fan of Azimuth since the Spaceship captured my heart, was there a reason the Round – 1 Back In Time (instead of e.g. Retrograde minutes or Calendrier) was chosen to be Jeremy Monteiro’s signature piece?

The Round-1 Back In Time was chosen in collaboration with JM and we worked together to come up with the colors and overall feel of the watch. Due to the fact that JM is an accomplished pianist, we decided on the polished black dial as it resembles the finish you would find on the many grand pianos that he has laid his fingers on! Also, we chose this range of “Back In Time” watch because of the fact that he is “looking back” and reflecting on his 35 years in the music industry and so we felt that there can be no better connection than the Round-1 Back In Time for this project.

Revo: Could you explain the history of one hand watches and what was the design philosophy in having it run anti-clockwise?

The one hand watch has been around for a while and many watch companies have also come up with one hand watches. Essentially, a simple one hand watch that runs clockwise involves no modification and what the other watch companies do is to simply remove the second and minute hand and voila! A single hand watch! With Azimuth, we aspire never to be a “me too” company producing “me too” watches, so we put our heads together to think of how can we apply this founding Azimuth principle to the simple concept of time-telling that will evoke the famous “Azimuth DNA” at the same time! The answer was to make the World’s First & Only single hand watch that goes anti-clockwise! In other words: a watch that is totally unique.

Industrial Designer Karim Rashid is known for his striking motifs and eye catching installation pieces
Industrial Designer Karim Rashid is known for his striking motifs and eye catching installation pieces

Revo: Would you consider collaborating with any of the artists for a future timepiece? If yes, which artist and what was the inspiration behind it?

Azimuth Watch Works welcomes collaborations with any artist or celebrity that fits with our company’s philosophy and image. Currently, we are working with world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid to design an entire range of quirky Round-1 Back In Time watches, which will roll out in 2013. As with Jeremy Monteiro, we have also tapped into the local music scene and we foresee more collaborations with such artists, or even artists and personalities from different fields, to come – ensuring that each collaboration produces a watch that will not be devoid of the Azimuth DNA or the idea behind it.

The auction will take place at Mary Chia’s 30th Anniversary ‘iMspiration’ Art Affair at NEX Shopping Mall on October 16.

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