Omega Presents A New Speedmaster Chronoscope for the 2024 Summer Olympics

A special timekeeper for a mega event — all for measuring speed, pulse, and everything in between.


Omega Presents A New Speedmaster Chronoscope for the 2024 Summer Olympics



For almost a century, Omega has been the master of timekeeping at the Olympics. Over the years, the manufacture has introduced a series of innovations that help athletes compete more fairly and enable judges to make more accurate decisions. 


For instance, the brand introduced the Electronic Starting Pistol, a comprehensive system with speakers positioned behind each racer. When the trigger is pressed, a sound is “played” then a light flashes, and a start pulse is sent to the timing device. This system ensures that every athlete has an equal start. At the end of the race, the Scan’O’Vision MYRIA photo finish camera captures 10,000 digital images per second at the finish line, ensuring the most accurate decision in close contests.


But Omega’s contributions isn’t just about event equipment. The brand also celebrates the spirit of the Games with specially designed watches. For the Paris hosts this year, Omega has unveiled a series of special watches, the most notable being the Speedmaster Chronoscope.


What’s special about the Chronoscope?

The Chronoscope, which debuted three years ago, is a modern watch that combines several fan-favorite traits from the past. Most importantly, it brings back the triple-scale design, featuring a “snail” marking that allows readings of the tachymeter, telemeter, and pulsometer. This element was common on many Omega chronographs in the 1940s. The revived triple-scale is paired with the famous Speedmaster case with “lyre” lugs that originated in the 1960s.



The modern Chronoscope differs from its vintage counterpart with a simpler palette.  Instead of the multi-colored scales of its predecessors, Omega has opted for a sleek two-tone design, giving the watch a minimalist and contemporary feel. For the latest Olympics edition, this two-tone scheme has been elevated to a striking black and gold palette, reminiscent of the gilt dials on many tasteful vintage chronographs.



The use of gold on the latest Chronoscope is both sophisticated and subtle. It’s limited to the applied hour markers and the sub-dial markings, while the rest of the text on the dial remains black. This design choice ensures the watch retains a modern elegance without appearing overly ornate or excessively retro.


Two Versions: All-Steel or Moonshine Gold

Two variants of the black-and-gilt Chronoscope have been introduced, catering to different tastes and preferences. The all-steel model highlights the black-and-gilt palette brilliantly, where the contrast against the silver metal make the colors stand out more vividly.


The Speedmaster Chronoscope Paris 2024 in stainless steel


For those who want a watch that will make a lasting statement, the Moonshine Gold version is a top pick. This variant, including the bracelet, is made from Omega’s proprietary alloy of yellow gold that’s appreciated for its subtle color tone.


The Speedmaster Chronoscope Paris 2024 in 18K Moonshine Gold


Within the 43mm case, the watch features the METAS-certified manual-wind Cal. 9908/9909 movement, though there isn’t much of the chronograph mechanism to see. The reason being that it was an automatic movement with the winding mechanism removed, leaving a large three-quarter plate covering most of the components and only revealing the column wheel and balance wheel. 


The manual-winding Omega Cal. 9908/9909


Here, Omega has opted to seal the back with a special case back, decorated with a stamped medallion of the Paris 2024 logo and the Olympic Rings against a frosted background, a subtle yet distinctive touch that sets the special edition apart from the regular ones.


Tech Specs: Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope “Paris 2024 Olympics”

Movement: Manual-winding Cal. 9908/9909; 60 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours and minutes; central seconds; chronograph
Case: 43 mm x 13 mm; steel or 18k Moonshine Gold; water-resistant to 50 m
Strap: Steel bracelet, 18k Moonshine Gold bracelet, or black calf leather strap
Availability: At Omega boutiques and retailers
Limited edition: No
Price: USD 9,800 in steel on bracelet, USD9,500 in steel on strap; USD51,400 in Moonshine Gold on bracelet, USD32,700 in Moonshine Gold on strap