Les Ambassadeurs on setting up shop in the world’s richest country

Since establishing a presence in Luxembourg in 2019, Swiss watch retailer Les Ambassadeurs has been on a turbocharged expansion spree, thanks to its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of high-end retail.

Since it was established on Geneva’s Rue du Rhône in 1964, Les Ambassadeurs has embarked on an incredibly measured path to establish itself as one of the top watch and jewelry retailers in Switzerland. As with the very essence of luxury, the brand’s expansion in Switzerland has been characterized by prudent and deliberate strides, reflecting a steadfast commitment to maintaining its exclusivity and high standards.


At present, the company has established its presence in three key Swiss cities, namely Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne.

Les Ambassadeurs made its Luxembourg debut in 2019

In 2019, a few weeks before the world would face a turning point with the onset of the pandemic, Les Ambassadeurs expanded beyond its traditional market for the first time and established a presence in Luxembourg. A small European country known for its high standard of living and strong financial sector, Luxembourg’s watch market is poised for robust growth, buoyed by its affluent population, international residents and a steady stream of high-net-worth individuals.


Moreover, Luxembourg’s close proximity to major European fashion hubs, coupled with its cosmopolitan character, fosters a diverse and dynamic luxury market, which has further cultivated its healthy appetite for luxury watches. Consequently, the country emerges as a logical progression for leading retailers and brands seeking to explore watch markets close to home that remain ripe for development.

Les Ambassadeurs boutique in Cloche d'Or, Luxembourg

Les Ambassadeurs is the first major watch retailer to set up a multi-brand boutique in Luxembourg. Following its first store in the Cloche d’Or district within the capital, it swiftly progressed to establish a standalone boutique dedicated to Omega — the first mono-brand Omega boutique in Benelux (a politico-economic union comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) — in April 2021, and a Messika boutique in November 2021.


This was followed by the launch of a second multi-brand store Les Ambassadeurs Luxembourg in the heart of Grand Rue, the country’s most famous shopping thoroughfare.

Inside the Les Ambassadeurs boutique on Grand Rue, Luxembourg

At the same time, as footfall at physical stores began to dry up overnight during the pandemic years, Les Ambassadeurs was quick to pivot to accommodate new consumer habits that have since proven to outlast the pandemic. Its Luxembourg e-commerce website is optimized to showcase its unparalleled range of watches with a sophisticated finder, which enables consumers to explore and discover the brands’ offerings seamlessly.


Users can also easily initiate a conversation with a dedicated sales assistant via the WhatsApp messaging platform, receiving real-time support and personalized recommendations throughout the purchasing process. The transition towards customer-centricity, shifting the focus from product-centered approaches to resolving customer needs across all channels, turns the traditional retail framework on its head, with the aim to not only survive, but also to stay resilient and flourish, regardless of economic conditions.

Leading the charge

Benoît Lecigne’s pivotal leadership as Les Ambassadeurs Luxembourg’s general manager since 2019 has played a key role in driving the retailer’s rapid-fire growth in the Grand Duchy. His vision and expertise, honed during his tenure at various luxury watch brands, notably Hublot, have been instrumental in the retailer’s first international expansion, facilitating partnerships with over 40 brands and the development of a comprehensive e-commerce channel.

Recognizing the paradigm shifts in the retail market in such a progressively networked era where alternatives are seconds away on a web search, and where brands are tightening their grip on distribution, engaging and providing greater value to customers have become a strategic imperative. Lecigne spearheaded the customer-centric strategy focused on ensuring a cohesive purchasing journey, thereby continuously expanding the retailer’s market footprint.

Lecigne, alongside his former colleague from Hublot, Coralie Teboul, who now serves as the marketing and retail director of Les Ambassadeurs Luxembourg, make for an agile and astute team, with Lecigne leading the brand’s external expansion and Coralie overseeing internal operations.


Presently, the retailer’s primary customer base consists of local residents, with a notable portion of the clientele hailing from France, Belgium and Germany. The team notes that one in two clients is a returning customer, showcasing the company’s strong focus on fostering lasting relationships with its valued patrons.

Les Ambassadeurs co-hosted an event for Repossi guests and clients

In contrast to pure-play watch specialist retailers, the strength of Les Ambassadeurs’ offerings depends on the co-existence of luxury watch and jewelry brands. Offering the full mix in both online and physical stores enables a wider audience to be captured and also cater to customers seeking a one-stop destination for both horological and jewelry needs, saving precious time.

Another priority is the development of distinctive retail destinations. Teboul spearheaded the introduction of “retail theaters,” both online and in stores.

These “theaters” are regularly updated with new narratives and themes every two months, serving as an innovative approach to elevate and enrich the overall customer journey. By infusing a dynamic and ever-evolving storyline into the retail experience, this strategy aims to captivate customers, foster engagement, and create a lasting impression, ultimately enhancing the retailer’s connection with its clientele.

At the end of the day, the proof of the retailer’s excellence is in the pudding. The store is widely recognized as the ultimate destination in Luxembourg for exquisite timepieces and exceptional jewelry, all complemented by impeccable service.


Emphasizing the retailer’s passion and dedication to offering expert guidance and advice, returning customers often highlight the retailer’s willingness to go the extra mile, which is further enhanced by the convenience of complimentary parking throughout the entire purchasing experience. In being able to parallel radical shifts in market and consumer behaviors, Les Ambassadeurs Luxembourg stands as a testament to the enduring allure of luxury retail experiences that transcend traditional boundaries and expectations.


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