Legendary Devil Diver Reinvented in Bulova’s Oceanographer GMT Collection


Legendary Devil Diver Reinvented in Bulova’s Oceanographer GMT Collection


With a legacy dating back to 1875, Bulova has consistently delivered exceptional timepieces that combine classic elegance with cutting-edge technology. The Bulova Oceanographer GMT pays tribute to the brand’s illustrious past while embracing the demands of the modern traveler. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of the Bulova Oceanographer, exploring its historical significance, remarkable features, and captivating design.

The Birth of the Devil Diver


To truly appreciate the Bulova Oceanographer GMT, we must first travel back in time to 1972 when Bulova introduced the original Oceanographer watch, affectionately known as the “Devil Diver.” This legendary timepiece was born out of Bulova’s commitment to supplying reliable, waterproof watches to the U.S. military. Designed specifically for diving expeditions, the Devil Diver quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional durability and functionality.

Bulova 1972 Oceanographer “Devil Diver

Bulova expanded the capabilities of its standard Compressor case by increasing its depth rating to 666 feet, providing a significant level of confidence for divers, whether for recreational or professional purposes. The Devil Diver earned its moniker due to its enhanced 666-foot depth rating, meeting ISO standards for water resistance up to 200 meters. Who needs a conventional 200m standard when you can have a devilish depth rating?
This initial Devil Diver marked the beginning of a successful line of Bulova dive watches that remained in production until the late 1970s. Bulova fitted their in-house 11 BLACD movement the 60’s-70’s Oceanographers before the mechanical movement got replaced by more precise tuning fork movements, that became synonymous with the brand.

Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver Orange Dial. Image Credit: ATOM_MOORE

The vintage Oceanographers have become highly sought after by collectors and are becoming increasingly rare to find in a good condition. In 2018, Bulova reintroduced this iconic dive watch, faithfully recreating it to match the specifications of the 1972 Oceanographer. The Archive Series 666 Devil Diver features an eye-catching orange dial and was released as a limited edition of 666 pieces.

A Vintage-Inspired GMT


The new Bulova Oceanographer GMT collection draws inspiration from the iconic Devil Diver, infusing it with contemporary elements to create a functional timepiece for travelers. With a 41mm stainless steel case, the new collection remains faithful to the original size, albeit with a contemporary Ion plating (IP) on the case. The screw-down crown facilitates water resistance rating of 200m, symbolized by the iconic “666 feet” displayed on the dial. The double-domed box sapphire crystal, adorned with an anti-reflective coating, ensures optimal visibility and protection against scratches. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or simply someone who appreciates the convenience of dual time functionality, the Oceanographer GMT offers a seamless and accurate solution.

At the heart of these watches lies the 9075 Miyota automatic movement, which enables the tracking of a second time zone with ease. The Miyota caliber 9075 is a cost-effective automatic GMT movement that belongs to the 9 series of Miyota calibers, which the manufacturer classifies as “Premium Automatic” movements. This caliber stands out as it is what is often called a ‘true’ GMT movement, which allows the wearer to change the local hour hand in one-hour increments.

The “Root Beer” Edition

97B215 Automatic Oceanographer Devil Diver GMT

The first variant, aptly named the “root beer,” exudes a timeless charm with its bi-directional rotating bezel in classic brown and black tones. The IP plated rose gold tone stainless steel case and bracelet further enhance its luxurious appeal. This warm and rich color palette is perfect for those who appreciate a vintage aesthetic with a touch of modern sophistication.

The “Lume” Watch

98B407 Automatic Oceanographer Devil Diver GMT

For those who prefer a more contemporary and monochrome look, the “lume” edition is a true standout. Featuring a gunmetal IP plated case and bezel, this watch exudes a striking high-contrast aesthetic. The unidirectional elapsed time indication and grey silicone textured strap perfectly complement the full luminous white dial, creating a visually captivating timepiece that demands attention.

The “Pepsi” Edition

96B405 Automatic Oceanographer Devil Diver GMT

Last but certainly not least, the “Pepsi” version pays homage to the timeless red and blue hues typically associated with dive watches. Presented in a stainless steel case, this watch features a bi-directional rotating bezel with a 24-hour GMT indication, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of time in two different time zones. The matching bracelet adds a touch of refinement to this sporty yet sophisticated timepiece.
With the introduction of the Oceanographer GMT watches, Bulova once again proves its ability to combine heritage and innovation, delivering timepieces that not only celebrate the past but also embrace the future. Dedicated to preserving the iconic legacy of the Oceanographer watch, Bulova’s Oceanographer GMT watches offer a significant upgrade to the collection, catering to the demands of the modern world.
The Bulova Oceanographer GMT watches will set you back somewhere between $1,295 and $1,395. But hey, can you really put a price on feeling like a globetrotting, devil-diving, time zone-tracking rockstar? I didn’t think so. So, get ready to dive into some serious watch envy. The collection will be exclusively available for purchase at