In Conversation with Laurent Ferrier: The Renaissance Watchmaker behind the Amazonia

Wei joined Laurent Ferrier for an in-depth discussion on his design ethos for hyper-classic masterpieces and how our Laurent Ferrier X Revolution Classic Micro-Rotor Amazonia came to fruition. Laurent Ferrier’s passion for watchmaking was inspired by his father, who was also a watchmaker. He has over 37 years of watchmaking experience, including working as the head of product development at Patek Philippe. The brand is known for producing watches that combine traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques with contemporary designs.

Laurent Ferrier watches are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand produces a limited number of watches annually, each crafted by a team of highly skilled artisans. Laurent Ferrier watches are often made with precious metals and feature complex movements that are assembled by hand.

The brand’s dedication to quality and attention to detail earned them a reputation as one of the top luxury watch brands in the world. Additionally, the brand has won numerous awards for its craftsmanship and design, including the coveted “Aiguille d’Or” award at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Our Laurent Ferrier X Revolution Classic Micro-Rotor Amazonia has a beautiful brushed green dial with white gold sector track, FBN 229.01 Self-winding Micro-Rotor caliber with natural escapement with a silicon balance all housed in a 40 x 10.7 mm stainless-steel case. Limited to just 15 examples, this watch is priced at USD 57,500 excluding taxes.

Available for purchase on 19 June 2023, 10pm SGT | 4pm CET | 10am EST. Email [email protected] to register your interest.

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  1. Gav says:

    Loved watching this, thank you, and another beautiful piece from my favourite high-end independent. It’s pleasing that despite the ultra-simplicity of Laurent’s taste in design, they’ve reached a point where if you were to show any of his dials with the name removed, you’d still be able to identify it as his; the hands and case being so strong in their aesthetic. Of course, his particular version of the natural escapement is just as easy to identify.

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