Gerald Charles, Continuing The Legacy Of Gérald Charles Genta

Gerald Charles, an independent Swiss watch company founded in 2000 by the renowned Mr. Gérald Charles Genta, the most prolific watch designer of the 20th century, is currently under the stewardship of the Ziviani family, close family friends of the Gerald Genta.

Known as the ‘Maestro’, Monsieur Genta was not only a prolific artist but also a visionary watch designer. Despite selling the company in 2003, he continued to serve as its chief designer until his passing in 2011. Every Gerald Charles timepiece is imbued with one of his original designs, ensuring the preservation of his legacy of ‘Artistic Creativity, Technical Mastery’ for future generations.

Join Constant, alongside Franco and Federico, Chairman and CEO of Gerald Charles, as we explore the iconic ‘Maestro,’ a masterpiece conceived by the genius of Gerald Genta. Delve into the brand’s origins and uncover the fascinating blend of technical prowess and elegant design. Stay tuned for an exclusive glimpse into the future of Gerald Charles.

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