ArtyA, The Maverick Trailblazer Redefining the Rules of Watchmaking Part I

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Wei and Yvan Arpa, a trailblazing maverick in the world of timepiece creation, as they delve into the captivating story of ArtyA (ART + Yvan Arpa), the namesake brand Yvan founded in 2010.

Having made significant contributions to some of the watch industry’s most remarkable success stories, Yvan took a daring leap into the realm of extreme art pieces that defy conventional categorization in watchmaking. Each creation is either numbered or utterly unique, a fusion of audacity and creativity that disrupts norms – often in a provocative manner. In an industry known for conservatism, Yvan is a trailblazer who’s achieved remarkable feats in record time. Today, ArtyA calls Geneva home and stands as a fiercely independent entity, operated by a highly efficient team of fewer than ten individuals. Their mission: to craft masterpieces instantly recognizable for their distinctive, creative, passionate, epicurean, and original style. ArtyA champions a philosophy of ultimate luxury, brimming with pure, uncompromising emotion, year after year. Clearly, Yvan doesn’t play by the rules, and you’re invited to join us for the thrilling first part of this incredible two-part episode.

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