Wes Lang, Wei Koh and Watches | TCP with Wes Lang (@weslanglovesyou) Part I

Wes Lang is an American artist known for his distinctive style that combines elements of tattoo art, Americana, and popular culture. He has gained recognition for his intricate and highly detailed works, often featuring iconic symbols, text, and imagery.

Lang’s art has been showcased in prestigious galleries and museums across the globe, solidifying his reputation as a highly acclaimed contemporary artist. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Lang has also collaborated with renowned brands and musicians on various creative projects. Interestingly, he possesses an exquisitely curated watch collection, showcasing his discerning taste and appreciation for horological craftsmanship. Join us in Los Angeles for part one of this exclusive episode of “The Collector’s Perspective” as we explore the extensive collection of one of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists.

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