Watch I Love: The Anordain Model 2

Small Scots brand Anordain has been on my radar for a little while now. For starters, the brand hails from Glasgow, which isn’t exactly a hub of watchmaking. They fire their own enamel dials, and I think that slight geographical distance from the Cantons of Switzerland is a good thing — the watches have their own clear identity. The debut watch, the Model 1, grabbed my attention with its neat typography and incredible dials for a too-good-to-be-true price, and I’ve got friends that rave about them. But I found the case a little too off-the-shelf. When the Model 2 was announced though, I was hooked.

Anordain Model 2

That sweetly swelling, cushiony style case combined with enamel dials that went beyond the basic brand starter kit of black, white and blue really stood out. The field watch origins where clear, but the final product was leagues removed from the often hackneyed heritage reissues that we’re so used to seeing with the word ‘field’ attached. But still, this was no prissy dress watch. It was well suited to a life of regular — with occasional rough and tumble — wear.

I was lucky enough to get my hand on the Moss Green model (and yes, the green is legit mossy, apparently inspired by Sphagnum moss, whatever that is), and as it was making its way I had that usual sense of excitement, though tinged with concern. I was worried about the size. You see, the Model 2 comes in at a not overly massive 36mm. This is about 3mm less than my minimum comfort zone. So it was with some trepidation that I buckled up the strap. But I was OK — perhaps it’s the rose colored glasses — but I think the somewhat bulky silhouette (and that subtly hidden crown) makes up for the smaller size (haters come @ me in the comments).

In the months since I’ve had it, I’ve come to appreciate it more and more. The dial is truly a joy (though I am increasingly envious of the new fumé enamel dial options they have), and it is eminently wearable. Plus, there’s a lot to be said about supporting the little guys doing their own thing, and doing it very well.

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