VIDEO: Nicola Andreatta presents the Monovortex Split Seconds Chronograph and other amazing novelties

Roger Dubuis CEO Nicola Andreatta shows Revolution Founder Wei Koh the Roger Dubuis Monovortex Split Seconds Chronograph, an absorbing work of architecture and feat of engineering that beats gravity. Firstly, its high-efficiency Turborotor Cylindrical Oscillating Weight harnesses gravity to power the watch and necessitated eight months of research and development. Next, its Conical Monovortex Tourbillon travels on a 360-degree trajectory, thereby negating the effects of gravity on chronometric accuracy from all directions. And then there’s the 120° Rotating Minute Counter, which is a three-hand satellite that carries the numbers 0, 1 and 2. As the chronograph minutes elapse, this satellite indicating the minute will rotate. It doesn’t rotate in planar fashion though. You could say that it is like a wandering hours mechanism, except that the hand in question will rise up and point to an index on the 0-3-6-9 sector, while the other two hands will descend. For example, if 14 minutes have elapsed for the chronograph function, then the ‘1’ hand of the tripartite satellite will rise (indicating that the chronograph minutes elapsed is ‘1?’) and point to the first index after the ‘3’ on the 0-3-6-9 section (3 + 1 index; indicating that the chronograph minutes elapsed is ‘?4’). Mr Andreatta also showed other cool novelties like the new Knights of the Round Table watch, which has a central tourbillon, dial set with Murano glass, and surrounded by hand-sculpted knights. The sky’s the limit for this imaginative and future-focused manufacture.

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