Using the Passion of Watchmaking for a Good Cause

Using the Passion of Watchmaking for a Good Cause

The passion for watchmaking is such a strong feeling that collectors and enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to showcase their love for fine timepieces.

Luckily, there are some options out there in the form of cufflinks fabricated from old watch movements, ties, bracelets made to look like a popular watch bezel, and so on. But apart from accessories to wear on your person, there are also items you can display at home.

Julien Bonzom is the founder of Heritier design studio, a company based in London specializing in private interior design and bespoke furniture. After studying architecture, art and joinery in France and winning the title of ‘Meilleur Apprenti de France’ (MAF; Best Apprentice in France), Julien perfected his skills for four years alongside several different high-end luxury brands before founding his interior design studio.

Some of the art pieces available in The Collection

Bonzom is also a watch collector himself, and he wanted to find a way to incorporate his love of watches into his work. So in 2019 he launched The Collection, a series of products created in partnership with designers, artists and brands using well-known designs. The various works available in The Collection have of course connections to the world of watchmaking but others are simply beautiful pieces of art made to promote the excellent craftsmanship of independent artists. All items are either unique pieces, or made in extremely small numbers.

In light of the Coronavirus situation that has affected the world and the UK, Julien has decided that he should do his part to help fight the pandemic, and that all sales profits from items in The Collection during the month of May 2020 will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust and the British Red Cross.


The project, called ‘L’Atelier,’ is a 150-piece limited edition pocket square featuring a design inspired by the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin, also known as the RD#2 — the thinnest perpetual calendar watch on the market. The piece was created as a collaboration between Alex Eisenzammer, an independent French artist known for creating one of a kind artworks for watch collectors, and Heritier. Some might already know Alex as @watchoniste on Instagram where he showcases his beautiful and detailed artworks.

The item depicts an artistic sketch interpretation of the AP RD#2 and Julien wanted to produce a piece which would help Alex, a watch enthusiast himself, develop as an artist and continue the promotion of his excellent work. ‘L’Atelier’ is made 100% in silk and the design took more than 57 hours to achieve.

Not only is it a great jacket accessory that adds a decorative element to your outfit, but it turns out that it can also be used by women on their handbags. More and more women are becoming knowledgeable in the art of watchmaking so this makes for a great accessory to showcase their passion to the world.

'L'Atelier' can easily be used as a decorative element on handbags

Time Fury P18

The Time Fury P18 is a one-off creation designed and manufactured by John-Mikaël Flauxby. It is a mechanical clock which is inspired by the design of 1950’s race cars and each element of the art work has been created as a way to bring together the automotive aesthetics with the watchmaking philosophy.

You can read the time at the back of the car by way of floating hour numbers which point the minutes on a graduated sector. Setting the time is creatively done using the back wheels while the winding system is incorporated into the left exhaust. One month is required to produce and assemble the 256 pieces that make the Time Fury P18, and just like on luxury timepieces, many techniques are used to achieve this result such as polishing, brushing or surface treatment.


Here is a great expression of creativity where Heritier took an existing design that many are familiar with, and usually associated with destruction, and repurposed it to shape it into an object dedicated to prolonging the life of a timepiece.

This limited edition sculptural watch winder re-envisions an object by adding value and functionality which can then be displayed proudly inside a collector’s home.

Jumbo S.W.5740/4G

This 10-piece limited edition high quality print feature an artwork based on the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5740 which the artist, ANCHAN, find has one of the most attractive shapes and design in all of luxury watches. The first grand complication in the Nautilus collection, this particular model evokes a vintage feeling that the artist greatly appreciates.

ANCHAN has spent several months refining all the details that compose this modern artwork but the artist has also hidden plenty of little details that are invisible to the naked eye. Take out your magnifying glass and search for words such as “Gérald Genta”, “Jumbo”, “Nautilus” displayed on the print.

If you were wondering how to help fight Covid-19, here is a great way to do it while at the same time supporting independent artists. Browse some of the pieces available on the Heritier website and look out for more works to be revealed soon.