Unveiling the Jacob & Co Opera Godfather Minute Repeater with Alain Schiesser

Join Wei and Alain Schiesser, Co-founder of Le Cercle des Horlogers SA, as they delve into the extraordinary Jacob & Co Opera Godfather Minute Repeater. This exceptional timepiece is a part of the Opera Collection, where the realms of high watchmaking seamlessly blend with the enchanting world of music.

The 49mm Opera timepiece stands as a pioneering work of luxury horology, bringing together a high watchmaking minute repeater visible through the large sapphire crystal and rose gold case and a triple-axis tourbillon movement with a two-comb, two-cylinder Swiss music box. Elevating this fusion to an unprecedented level, it introduces the iconic theme music from “The Godfather,” marking a remarkable convergence of watchmaking and music. Jacob & Co. holds the exclusive rights, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, to feature The Godfather logo and the iconic melody within this extraordinary Opera timepiece. Moreover, a stylized depiction of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, found exclusively on the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater, graces the 18K gold, black-lacquered piano, adding a unique and collectible touch to this remarkable creation. Winding the watch is a delightful experience with its violin-shaped handle at 3 o’clock, while setting it is made easy using the 18K gold lift-out bow on the case back. Notably, the power reserves for the movement and the music box function are distinct. The watch boasts a 44-hour power reserve, while the music can be played three times before requiring winding once more.

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