Unveiling Jacob & Co: The Epic SF24

The Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 is a watch that is so unapologetically original that it takes the classic world time complication and flips it on its head. Instead of using hands or rotating discs to indicate the 24 major timezones, it utilises a remarkable innovation called the Split-Flap system to display a selected timezone and the corresponding hour in 24-hour format. This never-before-seen world time display was inspired by the flight timetable display boards found in airports around the world and is completely intuitive to use, manipulated fully by a mere push of a button. Furthermore, Jacob & Co. doesn’t do half-measures and a particular variant of the Epic SF24 features the dial side animation of nothing less than a flying tourbillon.

Wei speaks to Valérien Jaquet, founder and CEO of Concepto, one of Jacob and Co’s movement design partners on the conception of the incredible Split-Flap display, that makes the Epic SF24 a truly unique world time watch fit for the jet-set.

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