One Crazy Day: Trilobe tells time different

Une Folle Journée encapsulates the essence of this watch — a bold and daring departure from traditional watch design. It makes more sense in French.

“One crazy day” is a great way to start a story. For instance, it’d be absurd to discover that your pet cat, which usually expressed its indifference with an air of aristocratic aloofness, is now engaged in an intense discussion with a potted plant.


We know that doesn’t happen, because normal is as normal does, and that includes lazy haughty cats and non-talking plants. And the same way goes for reading time: Two hands tell you the hour and minutes and voilà, that’s how it’s done.

Trilobe Une Folle Journée, Dune in titanium

However in this case, Trilobe chooses to go the other way. This year, they created a watch that’s a departure from the ordinary, inviting wearers to embrace the unexpected and celebrate the dynamic nature of time. Telling time not through hands, but rather, rotating discs and rings in a watch named Une Folle Journée


Une Folle Journée Dune translates to “One Crazy Day” in French and it encapsulates the essence of this watch — a bizarre presentation yet so beautifully made, but you’re still trying to figure out why the dial’s in pieces.

Trilobe Une Folle Journée, Dune in rose gold

At first glance, its asymmetrically placed dial challenges preconceived notions of watch aesthetics. The dial, offset at 3 o’clock, is an artistic canvas that captures the rhythm and vivacity of a bustling, whirlwind day.


Time is read via three levitating rotating rings, carrying with them the scales of time as the brand describes: the largest for the hours, the middle one for minutes, the smallest one for seconds. The watch’s case, available in stainless steel or rose gold (hence the name Dune) is both contemporary and elegant, designed to complement the avant-garde dial.

Caliber X-Centric

Its breath-taking sapphire crystal dome invites you to admire the signature X-Centric3 movement through the dial side and explore its every nook and cranny. The crown, located at 2 o’clock, adds a touch of asymmetry and reinforces the watch’s distinctive character.


But of course it gets crazier: There’s a diamond-set version with baguette diamonds on the rotating rings. Because no one else will be reading time like the way you do now, but at least there’s something there for them to look at.

Trilobe Une Folle Journée, Dune with diamonds

Trilobe: Telling it different

Trilobe, founded by Gautier Massonneau in 2018, has quickly risen through the ranks of the watchmaking world. The brand’s mission to reinterpret time in a unique way has garnered attention and accolades.


One of Trilobe’s most noteworthy achievements is the patented X-Centric module, which reimagines the way hours and minutes are displayed. The iconic three-lobed design, for which the brand is named, adds an artistic touch to the dial while maintaining exceptional readability.

Tech Specs: Une Folle Journée, Dune

Movement: Automatic-winding Caliber X-Centric; 48-hour power reserve
Functions: Hours and minutes; seconds by rotating rings
Case: 40.5 mm; Grade 5 titanium or 18-carat rose gold; water-resistant to 50 meters (titanium) or 30 meters (rose gold)
Strap: Brown alligator leather with pin buckle
Price:  23,500 (titanium);  35,500 (rose gold)


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