Thirst For Thrills: Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow

Thirst For Thrills: Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow

Graham’s Chronofighter Oversize collection is designed to be impervious to all dangers of the outdoors, offering adventurers and daredevils a selection of tough, sporty and reliable chronographs. This year, Graham extends the existing line with the Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow, a military-inspired timepiece designed for those with a thirst for thrills.

At 47mm, the Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow comes crafted in strong materials, accentuating its bold style and feel. The bezel is made out of black ceramic, which not only gives it its shiny appearance but also makes it extremely scratch-resistant, while the black-PVD-steel case features Graham’s signature start/stop chronograph lever created out of plain carbon, which provides higher resistance.

The robust look of the timepiece runs all the way through to the silk-printed dial, which features a camouflage motif in beige, gray or green (photographed above). Reinforcing the military style of this wristwatch, Graham chose to engrave a personal identification number on the seconds counter on each dial. The dial provides the wearer with several functions, such as the date, small seconds and a 30-minute chronograph counter as well as a telemeter scale. Displayed around the dial, the telemeter scale can be used to measure distances between visible and audible events – for example the wearer can calculate how far a storm is away by starting the chronograph when lightening flashes and stopping it when thunder rumbles. The distance will then be shown on the scale rim in kilometers.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow-beige

Graham thought about all the small details when creating the telemeter function, such as the fact that temperature influences the speed of sound. To counteract the effects of extremely high or low temperatures, the brand calibrated each wristwatch to the average temperature on earth, 25°C. So as to please fans of the brand worldwide, Graham also provides versions of the timepiece set to the Fahrenheit scale, and which feature miles instead of kilometers.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow-gray

Limited to 100 pieces each, the Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow comes with its own box equipped with a compass and a pair of binoculars, providing the wearer with all he needs to conquer the great outdoors.