They  Wear  It  Well: Entrepreneurs

Alexis Amor

Founder of Alexis Amor eyewear

I’ve always loved spectacles and, after working in property for a period, I decided to set up a business and do something on my own, so I opened a shop selling sunglasses and eyewear. About four or five years later, I decided the time was right to start making my own designs. I produce in very limited quantities – no more than 50 pieces per design – using high-end materials and hand-finishing. In terms of design, I’d like to think my eyewear is both original and recognisable.

Personally, glasses and a watch are the only accessories I’ve ever really worn. In the past I’ve had a Seiko, a couple of Swatches and one of those plastic bezel TAG Heuers, but my watch of choice now is an Omega Seamaster. I bought it from my best friend around 17 years ago, and I love it. I wear it for everything: swimming, running, at work… all the time. We’ve got a long history together now.

My wife offered to buy me a new watch for a recent big birthday, but every time I’ve ever thought about a replacement, I look at my Omega and think: ‘What’s the point?’ I still love it and it still looks great. I would definitely pass it on to one of my kids though – my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter already keeps stealing it actually and you can never be sure if it’s going to end up on her wrist or down the loo! Luckily, it’s a dive watch. But, I think passing the Seamaster on to a new generation would be a very good reason for me to get a new watch.

For the here-and-now though, my Seamaster fits in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. I’m not that adventurous with clothes anymore, I like a lot of navy blue and tend to always wear a variation of the same thing: slightly oversized T-shirt, smart jeans and smart-ish shoes like Bass Weejuns or a pair from Church’s or perhaps Loake. Simple, classic stuff.”

André Kusni 

Tech Investor and Founder of K.Weismenn Luxury Bracelets

I moved to the UK aged 16, continuing my education at a college in Cambridge. Upon graduating, I bought my first watch, a steel Rolex GMT, and that really kicked it all off for me. I went on to attend university but decided to drop out after my first year. While at college, I’d started working as a private investor and wanted to focus my attention on that. It was a dramatic few years initially but I’m happy to say it’s all come right and is still what I do. I have a few side projects too, including a bracelet brand called K.Weismenn. I have always had a passion for mechanical art and design, which led me to undertake courses in gemmology and jewellery design at GIA in London. I may well start more jewellery brands in the future, but we’ll see.

After my Rolex GMT, I got more and more into watches, educating myself on horology and learning from fellow collectors. My next real standout acquisition was probably the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980, however, I soon developed a passion for independent watchmakers. My first independent was an URWERK UR-105M and my collection has grown to include pieces from MB&F,  Kari Voutilainen, De Bethune, Vianney Halter and more. My current daily wearer is the URWERK UR-202. It’s just so comfortable on the wrist and is a great conversation starter. I also think it reflects my character really well. There are so many more watches I want – in fact, I have a wish list of precisely 273 pieces. But at the very top of the list is a Cabestan Luna Nera, an A. Favre & Fils Phoenix 10.3, and a pièce unique AkriviA Regulateur. It’s become something of a disease for me!

I tend to dress in mostly black and my wardrobe basically comprises variations of the same thing. You’ll generally see me in a black turtleneck sweater, a blazer in black or grey, and black pants. Although, funnily enough, I do try and match my shoes to my watch. For instance, if I’m wearing a blue dial – say, my De Bethune Skybridge – I’ll wear blue shoes. In terms of brands, I like Cesare Paciotti and Berluti for shoes, Leonard Logsdail for tailoring and Armani and Massimo Dutti for everything else. Quality is important to me, but day-to-day I don’t want to spend time thinking about what to wear. I just get up and go.”

Nigel Siwani

Founder of Mount Street Shoe Company

The first part of my working life was spent in real estate, in one form or another, first as an agent and then as an investor and property developer. I was based in the UK until the mid-2000s, at which time I moved to Dubai full-time to focus on my property interests there. Then, in 2014, came a life-changing moment. I got a call from mum saying my father had suffered a massive heart failure and only had hours left to live. I got on the next flight to London and arrived at his bedside.

Fortunately, hours turned to days, turned to weeks. We took him home and I’m happy to say he’s still with us. I’d already been thinking about moving on from real estate and perhaps developing my creative side, but this episode was really the catalyst. I wound up my operations and day-to-day dealings in Dubai, moved back to London to help care for my dad and subsequently started Mount Street Shoe Company.

I’ve always loved shoes, and decided a shoe company would be a nice outlet. Initially, I was a little daunted about starting a brand, but it struck me one day that I really shouldn’t be afraid. I was leaving Scott’s restaurant on Mount Street at the time, hence my brand’s name.

Naturally, I have a personal interest in style and I normally wear a combination of Ralph Lauren and made-to-measure or bespoke clothing. I like suits, but for every day I’ll wear jeans from Udeshi, slippers from Mount Street Shoe Company (of course), a shirt and a blazer – an RL Polo field jacket is about as casual as I get. I think my shirts have actually become something people really remember me for. A tailor in Dubai makes them for me and they all feature a watch cuff we worked on, inspired by Gianni Agnelli.

I bought my first serious watch in the mid-1990s, a Rolex Explorer, but once you buy one, you get an appetite for more. I really like stainless-steel sports watches, and focus on Rolex – I do like gold but for me it’s a little too flash. By now, my collection has grown to include pretty much every model of modern sports Rolex. I’ve got a few others too, namely a couple of Tudors, the TAG Heuer Muhammad Ali Ringmaster and a Zenith Tipo CP-2. I’ve got my eye on the Harrods Tudor Black Bay and the Rolex Skydweller next, although I do have an unopened 50th anniversary platinum Daytona that I think I’ll finally wear when I reach my own 50th in a few years’ time.”

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