The 1916 Company: The next big watch marketplace?

From the guys who brought you WatchBox, The 1916 Company is a new avenue where watch collectors alike can head towards to snag their next pre-owned timepiece.

Today, Watchbox founders Danny Govberg and Justin Reis unveil The 1916 Company, a new venture that aims to become the leading global destination and community for fine watches, jewelry, and education. 

The new enterprise is the result from the merger of renowned brands including WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers. In addition, The 1916 Company seeks to unite the primary and secondary markets under a single, cohesive brand, incorporating over 20 boutiques and Collector’s Lounges in major watch markets across the globe.

The 1916 Company: What’s in the name?

The name “The 1916 Company” pays homage to the legacy of Albert Govberg, the founder of Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia in 1916. Danny Govberg, Co-founder, Executive Chairman, and grandson of Albert, described the company as a “107-year-old start-up” with a commitment to enduring relationships and innovative change, catering to the evolving needs of discerning watch collectors.

WatchBox founders, Justin Reis (left) and Danny Govberg (right)
WatchBox founders, Justin Reis (left) and Danny Govberg (right)

The company has also joined the official network authorized to sell Rolex Certified Pre-Owned watches, expanding its offerings for watch collectors. Pre-owned Rolex timepieces will no longer be presented on WatchBox.

The global hub for watch collectors

The new entity leverages the strengths and legacies of the largest pre-owned platform, combined with the expertise of three independent jewelers. The company’s presence encompasses various locations, including multi-brand salons and mono-brand boutiques across the United States; John Shmerler and Damon Gross will lead the authorized retail network of The 1916 Company.

The company boasts a pre-owned collection valued at over $200 million, with a particular focus on ultra-rare and collectible timepieces, as well as artisanal independent watchmaking.

The Collectors' Lounge in NYC
The Collectors' Lounge in NYC

Over the next six months, new and existing clients of WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers will transition to The 1916 Company. Learn more on The 1916 Company’s official website.


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