Talking with Guillaume Laidet and Romaric André about the Vulcain x Seconde Seconde x Revolution Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute”

Our second collaboration with Guillaume Laidet, celebrated revivalist of forgotten brands Nivada Grenchen, Excelsior Park and Vulcain, comes in the form of the Vulcain Cricket, the first alarm wristwatch to garner widespread acclaim. Since our last collaboration on the fully blacked-out Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster “No Barracuda”, we’ve gone a step further with our tongue-in-cheek approach and brought on artist Romaric André, also known as Seconde/Seconde/, to add a touch of his signature wit. Romaric was inspired to play on the brand’s name which sounds like Vulcan, an extraterrestrial species from the hit TV-series from the 1960s, Star Trek. The famous Vulcan salute replaces the running seconds hand and comes in the four bright colors of Starfleet’s uniforms.

Wei caught up with Guillaume and Romaric to find out about their individual journeys into the world of watches and how they ended up working together on various prior projects. The inspiration behind our latest collaboration may be lighthearted but it bestows a heartfelt wish upon every person who wears one, to live long & prosper!

The Vulcain x Seconde Seconde x Revolution Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute” comes in two sizes, 36mm with the yellow and green “Vulcain salute” on top of gold-toned applied hour indexes and hands, and 39mm with the red and blue “Vulcain Salute” with polished silver hour indexes and hands. Each colorway will be available in 25 numbered pieces and priced at CHF 3,800 for the 36mm model and CHF 4,100 for the 39mm model.

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36mm Yellow “Vulcain Salute”
36mm Green “Vulcain Salute”
39mm Red “Vulcain Salute”
39mm Blue “Vulcain Salute”

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