Talking Grail Watch 4 with Carlos Rosillo from Bell & Ross and Alain Silberstein

Wei paid a visit to Bell & Ross’ headquarters in Paris to meet with CEO Carlos Rosillo and Grail Watch’s artist-in-residence, Alain Silberstein to unbox Grail Watch 4 for the first time! The collaboration between Bell & Ross and Alain Silberstein didn’t seem likely to happen at first, as there were doubts that the design languages of both parties would be able to speak to one another. Alain and the brand’s chief designer, Bruno Belamich would eventually hit it off, finding a way to complement one another’s distinctive styles. We have high hopes that this singular collaboration will be regarded as a future icon!

Grail Watch 4 is a series of three BR-03 watches in 42 x 42mm black ceramic cases with unique handset configurations that feature Alain’s geometric forms and primary colors.

KLUB 22 is the time-only model available in 200 pieces and priced at US$4,400.
MARINE 22 is the diver available in 100 pieces and priced at US$5,600.
KRONO 22 is the chronograph available in 100 pieces and priced at US$6,700.
Numbers 1 – 50 of all three watches will be reserved for box sets priced at US$16,700 each.

Grail Watch 4 will be launching on 9 January 2023, 10pm SGT | 9am EST | 3pm CET. Email [email protected] to register your interest.

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