Geneva Days 2019: Artya Son of the Alps – Megève Edition

Geneva Days 2019: Artya Son of the Alps – Megève Edition

Geneva is a special place, surrounded on one side by the Jura Mountains and on the other side by the French Alps. A winter sports paradise, there are hundreds of ski resorts within an hour or two from the heart of the city.

One of the most famous ski resorts located in the French Alps is Megève, a resort founded by the Rothschild family in the 1920s to be the French alternative to St. Moritz, located only an hour’s drive from Geneva.

This season, Geneva-based watchmaking brand Artya formed an official partnership with the village of Megève to produce a special edition timepiece dedicated to this beautiful village.

The result is the ArtyA Son of the Alps Snowflake: Megève Edition, a timepiece that features a skeletonized snowflake on the dial.

“it is an honor for Artya to partner with Megève,” says Yvan Arpa, founder and owner of Artya. “Some important members of the Rothschild family are Artya collectors and the owner of Guilhem, the most prestigious retailer in Megève, is a good friend and a great partner for us.”

Artya Son of the Alps – Megève Edition

Arpa has been busy this winter. In addition to this special timepiece, he recently opened an Artya boutique in downtown Geneva, which did great business during the Christmas season.

Technical Specifications


ArtyA exclusive and registered manual winding skeleton Snowflake movement


316L stainless steel with lateral brushed inserts


Handmade leather strap with ArtyA special stitching

Megève Limited Edition: 99 Pieces
Price: CHF 3’900

Artya Son of the Alps – Megève Edition