SIHH 2018: The A. Lange & Söhne Triple Split

Announced for SIHH 2018, A Lange & Söhne introduces the brand new Triple Split, a watch that brings an unprecedented level of performance to the split-seconds chronograph complication, being the first in the world that allows multi-hour comparative time measurements.

As aficionados already know, the current flagship chronograph of the brand is the Double Split – a watch that is more rare and desirable than even the iconic Datograph. When the Double Split came along, its signature feature was its split seconds chronograph that held a difference that made it, in comparison to most spilt seconds chronographs, even more useful.

The main feature of the split seconds chronograph or Rattrapante is its ability to measure two separate intervals of a concurrent time measurement, with this being achieved by having two seconds hands, mounted one on top of the other that move together when the chronograph is engaged. In order to measure and record an interval, a separate pusher is engaged that stops one of these hands for the time measurement to be marked, and then the same pusher is pushed again so that both hands come together again to continue the overall time measurement.

Most people who know watches understand this, but what might not be so obvious is that the interval between two timings to be measured has to be less than one minute. The reason why is obvious when one thinks about the matter more carefully, and realizes that while there are two superimposed seconds hands that are measuring the time, there is one only hand each for the minute and hour counters.

This was the main reason why the Double Split from A Lange & Söhne was so special when it was introduced, for what it offers over a standard split seconds chronograph is the addition of an extra hand in the (30) minute subdial. It might seem like a minor point, but this additional hand allows intervals of up to 30 minutes to be measured, much more so than the 60 seconds of a normal split seconds chronograph.

With that in mind, what we find with the new Triple Split from A Lange & Söhne, without doubt the flagship piece for the brand at SIHH 2018, is a an extension of the same basic idea, but this time it is the addition of an hour hand in a new hour sub-dial (at 12 o’clock) that is the difference.

What we have now in this new watch is a new ability to make comparative time measurements over hours, at to 12 in fact, or basically the entire measuring range of the chronograph, making it not only the new flagship chronograph of the brand, but the king of split seconds chronographs anywhere.

Along with the aforementioned new hour subdial at 12 o’clock with 2 hands (colour coded in rhodiumed and blue steel), we see that in terms of the dial layout, the power reserve indicator, as compared to the Double Split, has been moved downwards to the 6 o’clock position

Usefully as well, the power reserve for the Triple Split is a healthy 55 hours versus the 38 hours for the Double Split, with the case remaining at exactly the same size at 43.2mm.

Look out for more information when we get hands on time with this watch at SIHH.

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