The Rudis Sylva RS23, featuring an innovative twin-oscillator


The Rudis Sylva RS23, featuring an innovative twin-oscillator


Rudis Sylva unveils the RS23, featuring a twin-oscillator setup that instantly eliminates gravitational errors and ensures superior rate stability.
A small independent watchmaker located in the Swiss village of Les Bois, Rudis Sylva recently unveiled its latest creation, the technically intriguing RS23. This timepiece exemplifies the brand’s mastery in twin-oscillator movements, building upon its original patent from 2009. The mechanics have been distilled and refined, resulting in a timepiece that seamlessly combines stylish simplicity with intricate mechanical complexity.

The Low-Down

The RS23 timepiece features an innovative twin balance system at its core. Unlike conventional methods that employ independent gear trains for each balance and escapement to achieve resonance, Rudis Sylva has chosen a more direct approach.
The RS23 utilises a single gear train and escapement to drive one balance wheel, which in turn drives the other. Both balance wheels have teeth on the outer rim, allowing for direct and physical transmission of energy. With a single escapement, the locking and unlocking process is influenced by both balance wheels, enabling them to offset errors together. To ensure precision, specific parts are manufactured using UV-LIGA technology, resulting in wheels with cantilever spring teeth that minimise play and backlash.
This configuration provides an additional advantage, as demonstrated in the accompanying graphs. It allows the two balances to counteract the effects of gravity instantaneously, resulting in improved rate stability. In contrast to a conventional tourbillon, where averaging occurs over its typical one-minute period, the RS23’s coupled balances ensure that gravitational errors are effectively cancelled out at all times thanks to the opposing beating direction of the two balances.
In the latest RS23, Rudis Sylva has simplified the design while maintaining the core principles that define the brand’s watches. Building upon their previous offerings, the design has undergone a clever refinement that emphasises the watch’s strongest elements while removing distractions. For instance, the two linked balances now maintain fixed positions, departing from their previous carousel-like set up.

Rudis Sylva RS23 in titanium

The intentional adjustment enhances the design with a symmetrical and appealing aesthetic. The removal of the dial and partial openworking of the movement allow the twin barrels and balances to become visible, creating an echoing effect. This symmetrical layout contributes to a more professional and clean appearance, which is crucial for a watch with intricate complexities.
The Rudis Sylva RS23 showcases a thoughtfully chosen colour combination in its decoration. The clever use of rose gold, black, and silver creates an attractive contrast, with specific parts intentionally darkened to accentuate other elements. The watch also features intricate guilloche and engraving, adding to its visual complexity. It’s worth noting that the movement finish of the RS23 maintains the brand’s traditional and high quality, consistent with their previous watches. Despite the simplified mechanics, the watch retains expensive details like a rounded polished bevel, though with a reduced number of inward angles due to the decreased parts count.

Rudis Sylva RS23 in rose gold


Twin-balance watches are a niche within the watch industry, and the RS23 stands out in this limited category with its distinctive geared balance wheel system. Not only does it possess a unique mechanical setup, but the finishing and overall quality are also impressive, making it a mature and thoughtful timepiece. Considering the mechanics, design, and decoration, the starting price of CHF 80,000 is reasonable for an exotic independent watch. It’s worth noting that the RS23 is priced at less than a third of the brand’s signature watches such as the RS12, which, while more complex, operates on the same principles. The end result is a simplified yet attractive watch that retains its exotic appeal.

Tech Specs

Rudis Sylva RS23
Movement: RS23; manual; 72 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, and seconds
Case: 44 x 12.9 mm; titanium or 18k rose gold
Strap: Alligator leather strap
Availability: Limited edition 8 pieces in each metal
Price: CHF 80,000 for titanium, CHF 90,000 for 18k rose gold