BREAKING NEWS: Rolex Acquires Bucherer

In a move that marks the preservation of a decades-long alliance and the continuation of shared history, Rolex has announced its acquisition of Bucherer.

This acquisition, intended to uphold the strong ties between the two companies, will see Bucherer retaining its name and operating autonomously. However, the final integration into the Rolex group awaits the approval of competition authorities.


The decision to merge comes as a response to Jörg Bucherer’s choice to sell his company’s business due to the absence of direct descendants. As Rolex steps in to acquire the well-established watch retailer, the intentions are clear: To carry forward the legacy of Bucherer’s success and to honor the close partnership that has linked both brands since 1924. The intertwining journey of more than 90 years has witnessed mutual support, fostering growth and accomplishments for both parties.


Today, Rolex stands as a pinnacle in the Swiss luxury watchmaking sector, while Bucherer has emerged as an internationally recognized multi-brand retailer with a global footprint. Its presence spans Switzerland, the United States, England, Germany, France, Denmark, and Austria. With over 100 sales outlets worldwide, 53 of them distributing Rolex and 48 offering Tudor, Bucherer has solidified itself as a key player in the industry. Notably, the retailer also serves as an official after-sales service center for both brands, boasting watch servicing workshops staffed by highly qualified watchmakers trained by the company itself.

A Strategic Move for All Stakeholders

In accordance to an official statement, the Rolex group believes this strategic step benefits not only its own brands but also the partner brands in the industry and the entire Bucherer group workforce. Crucially, Bucherer will maintain its identity and operational independence; the existing management team is said to stay intact. The transition into the Rolex group, however, awaits the green light from competition authorities, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


According to a 2017 article from Forbes, the Bucherer group had an estimated turnover of 1.5 billion Swiss francs in 2016, with third-generation owner, Jörg Bucherer’s net worth at a value of 1.75 billion Swiss francs.


Earlier in June, Swiss watch retailer Bucherer unveiled its renovated and rebranded boutique, now known as the “TimeDome.” This impressive 18,848-square-foot boutique made its debut in The Forum Shops At Caesars, Las Vegas. The evolution of the “TimeDome” was sparked by Bucherer’s strategic acquisition of Tourneau for an undisclosed sum in 2018, a move that endowed them with a network of 28 stores across 10 US states and a robust e-commerce presence. As it stands today, the “TimeDome” surpasses the Bucherer TimeMachine flagship store in New York by an impressive 500 square feet. The New York flagship, also part of the Bucherer-Tourneau acquisition, saw its renaissance under the Bucherer name in September 2021.


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