Revolution Watch Podcast Episode 19: Lung Lung Thun

Our guest on this episode of the Revolution Watch Podcast is Lung Lung Thun. It’s taken us 18 episodes but we finally have a female watch collector as a guest on our podcast. We couldn’t have picked a better person than Lung Lung Thun, who from the very first minute we met, had shown great enthusiasm for not just the watches, but for bringing her watch knowledge to the wider audience and encouraging more women to share their passion too.

We had a little more fun than usual on this episode by going through a list of what we look for when getting a watch. How do we feel about manual wind and self-winding? Do we like quartz? Tune in now to find out. 

Also, a lot has happened since our last episode, Covid-19 disrupted lives everywhere and the doomed Baselworld saga is still being written. We won’t go on about it here, but click the link below to read all the coverage we have so far on the Baselworld Debacle.

Show Notes

(00:00) Introduction

(00:38) A Note from Our Founder

(01:01) The Baselworld Debacle

(02:36) Our conversation with Lung Lung Thun

(47:26) Outro

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