Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. 13: Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner is the co-founder of Urwerk, whose approach to high horology is like nothing else on the market. In its short 20-plus years, its unique ability to marry traditional watchmaking and clockmaking expertise in extremely contemporary designs quickly established the independent company as one of the most ingenious and unique brands in today’s industry.

A third generation watchmaker, Baumgartner grew up in his father’s workshop, watching him restore antique clocks, which greatly influences his creative process today. When he met Martin Frei in 1995, they realised their interests in objects of time measurement were aligned, and Urwerk was born.

We’ve had the lovely opportunity to speak with both Baumgartner and Frei on previous occasions, but on Baumgartner’s latest visit to Hong Kong, he graciously allowed for a podcast chat, where he he shows us the latest Urwerk creation: the UR-100 SpaceTime, which harks back to the very first timepieces he created with Frei, recounts the past 22 years since Urwerk’s birth, and what’s ahead for the exciting brand.

Show Notes

(00:05) Introduction

(02:06) Where URWERK comes from

(03:11) Our conversation with Felix Baumgartner

(39:06) Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

(39:26) Oris Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115

(39:40) Richard Mille RM 50-04

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