WARNING! Highly Erotic Images From Svend Andersen's Eros Collection

WARNING! Highly Erotic Images From Svend Andersen's Eros Collection

When you are under the legal age in your country to see vivid erotic images, move on. When you are at work, move on and make sure you watch this at home! Svend Andersen has for a long time been a master of automated watches, and is in particular known for his erotic automated watches. A Swiss with a dirty mind? Well, let’s blame it on his Danish roots. As uncommon as such a complication seems to be in Swiss watchmaking, it actually has quite an history. Centuries ago early pocket watches where also displaying (hidden) acts of love, yet with the wrist watch this complication almost died out. Blame it on the invention of the television, or the fact that incorporating this complication into a wristwatch is very difficult.


From the top side there is nothing about the Andersen Eros that would even make you suspect that the watch has a highly provocative nature. Actually that is part of the appeal. Seemingly a nice, gold wristwatch you can wear it to your board meeting, while doing groceries or even at your best friends wedding and nobody is the wiser. With a diameter of 38.5mm, silver dial, Arabic numerals; the watch is as classical a dress watch as they come. A keen observer might notice the little button at 8 o’clock, but probably suspects that this is to activate a minute repeater or conveniently move the hour hand to the next time zone during intercontinental travels; the fools!


As classical as the front of the watch is, the back leaves very little to the imagination. 500 kilometers from Paris, a couple decided to make love by the side of the road on their convertible with the license plate reading “69”, (which sounds so much better when pronounced in French!). The whole seen is drawn in a style that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. They seem to be taking a break as comic book characters and enter into a more primal activity. Closer examination of the image shows the great detail that is hidden in this scene; the land that turns into the beach, and the ocean with its different hue’s and the boat sailing over it. Not that most people would know, because the two figurines have a tendency to draw your attention.

Just as in the art of perfect love-making; practicing restraint is key! The figurines do not fornicate at the speed of professional porn stars on fast forward, but actually seem to take their time for their act of love. In that you see the hand of the master! Different motions, at different speed, create a very lively and natural moving image that show the true quality of this complication. It is not a novelty, it is an complex mechanical machine that powers this scene. Because of this, much unlike the art of making love which is practice by most,  the Eros will always be a very rare watch. Especially since Andersen offers the Eros in numerous different scene’s, gives you the option of either a 38.5mm or 42mm diameter case, as well as letting you personalize the overall look of the watch, it is truly an private indulgence.

Special thanks to Christian Bissener of Watch Collector, official Svend Andersen dealer for the images and video of the Eros

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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