Legend and Legacy; Philippe Dufour’s 75th Birthday Celebration

Revolution was honored to be invited to Philippe Dufour’s 75th birthday celebration, a truly magnificent event hosted by Dufour’s family. This awe-inspiring gathering brought together esteemed watchmaking legends and passionate horology enthusiasts, uniting to celebrate the exceptional life and achievements of the legendary man himself. We also celebrate Daniela Dufour, Philippe’s daughter, as she follows her father’s footsteps and is in the process of becoming one of the greats in the near foreseeable future!


With a career spanning several decades, Dufour has gained legendary status in the horology community. Known for his exceptional attention to detail and dedication to traditional watchmaking techniques, Dufour has crafted timepieces that are not only exquisitely designed but also boast exceptional mechanical complexity. He is particularly revered for his hand-finishing techniques, which elevate his watches to a level of artistry. Dufour’s watch creations are characterized by their elegance, precision, and timeless appeal. He has crafted masterpieces such as the Simplicity and the Duality, which have become iconic within the watchmaking world.


Though he is highly respected and admired, Dufour remains humble and down-to-earth, always valuing the craft and tradition of watchmaking above all else. His dedication to his artistry and his pursuit of excellence have made him a true legend in the world of horology. Happy Birthday, Philippe!

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