Only Watch in Singapore and a chat with Tess Pettavino

Only Watch, the bi-yearly charity auction that invites watch companies to donate one unique watch to be auctioned has been making the news recently with many of the participating brands telling the world about their unique contributions.

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While it is interesting from a watch lover standpoint to find out what the pieces are, we feel that it is important to highlight the reason why the charity auction exists in the first place.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare disease that affects 1 in 3,600 boys, is what the money raised at the auction will help to combat. All proceeds will go to the Association Monegasque Contre les Myopathies, an organization that organizes the funding into medical research against the disease.

Now in its fifth edition, and growing with more prominence each time, it was conceived by Luc Pettavino, who was prompted to start it when his son was afflicted with this rare disease some 13 years ago.

Luc Pettavino and his son, Paul Pettavino
Luc Pettavino and his son, Paul Pettavino

As an event, it is utterly unique in how it benefits everyone involved. If you are a watch collector looking for that special piece that no one else in the world has, then bidding in this charity auction will give you that chance to get one. Watch companies also benefit when they have their brand associated with a good cause, and further, from a creative standpoint, they are able to showcase aspects of their watches that would otherwise be more difficult in the standard collection.

September 25 2013, is the day that these 33 pieces will land in Monaco after their whirlwind tour around the world in special exhibitions hosted in such places as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York and Geneva. After arriving in Monaco, there will be a final 3 day exhibition, before the watches will be presented under the hammer on the 28th of September at The Hermitage Hotel.

The recent exhibition on the 6th of September in Singapore, at More Passion by The Hour Glass was the stop where we at Revolution got to see the watches, as well as to meet up with Tess Pettavino, the daughter of Luc Pettavino. See the video to find out more about the good cause that the charity auction is for, and if you’re looking for some interesting watches, it might be worth a trip to Monaco to place a bid at the auction.

Tess Pettavino at More Passion at The Hour Glass in Singapore
Tess Pettavino at More Passion at The Hour Glass in Singapore

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