New Era of Timekeeping: Accutron Spaceview Evolution

The Spaceview Evolution is a worthy successor to the original Accutron Spaceview, combining cutting-edge technology with its unique design and innovative use of auto-quartz technology. 

The Accutron story began in 1960 with the introduction of the original Bulova Accutron, which quickly gained fame as the ‘Spaceview’. This timepiece was not just a watch, but a symbol of a new era in timekeeping. It was revolutionary, both in terms of its unique tuning fork regulator and its bold design that eschewed the traditional dial.

1960 Bulova Sheet
1960 Bulova Sheet

The Accutron quickly became an icon, but like all technology, it eventually gave way to newer, more efficient systems. The quartz movement, cheaper and quieter, soon took over, relegating the Accutron to the annals of horological history. Yet, for the true aficionados, the Accutron remained a symbol of a golden age in watchmaking.

Aiming to revive this glory, the Accutron brand, now independent of Bulova, embarked on a quest for a new technology that would once again redefine the industry. The result was the Accutron Electrostatic caliber, a novel movement powered by the electrostatic energy generated by two spinning turbines. This innovative technology was introduced in 2020 and has since been the driving force behind the brand’s latest collection, the Spaceview Evolution.

An old advertisement of Accutron
An old advertisement of Accutron
Accutron Spaceview Evolution
Accutron Spaceview Evolution

“We are proud to expand the Accutron Spaceview assortment powered by electrostatic energy, a world’s first,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “The new Spaceview Evolution is a true design progression of the Spaceview 2020 that marked the return of Accutron’s timekeeping legacy.”

The Spaceview Evolution continues Accutron’s tradition of creating visually stunning timepieces. The watch’s dial design is a tribute to the original Spaceview, showcasing the high-tech movement at its center. The open-worked dial, available in either smoke gray or silver tone, provides a fascinating glimpse into the intricate workings of the watch.

Accutron Spaceview Evolution
Accutron Spaceview Evolution

Both Spaceview Evolution models feature a 43.5mm diameter, polished stainless steel case, and a double-dome box sapphire crystal. The crown of the watch has been moved to the 2 o’clock position, a design tweak that not only improves wearability but also gives the timepiece a unique aesthetic appeal. These watches sit 15.9mm high, and are designed to make a bold statement on the wrist.

Accutron Spaceview Evolution
Accutron Spaceview Evolution

The Spaceview Evolution is not just a watch; it’s a conversation piece. Its unique design and innovative technology make it stand out in a crowd, an embodiment of Accutron’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of horological aesthetics and technology.

At the heart of the Spaceview Evolution is the pioneering Accutron Electrostatic caliber. This movement harnesses the electrostatic energy generated by two rapidly spinning turbines, powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. This energy is then stored in an ‘accumulator’, essentially a rechargeable battery, which powers two separate motors: one for the seconds hand and another for the hour and minute hands.

This unique system allows the seconds hand to sweep smoothly around the dial, a mesmerizing sight that is sure to enchant any watch enthusiast. This smooth movement is achieved by running the seconds hand off a different motor from the hour and minute hands, making it an independent running indicator rather than a traditional seconds hand.

The Accutron Electrostatic caliber is not just about visual appeal. It is also a marvel of precision and energy efficiency. The movement is accurate to within 5 seconds per month when worn regularly, making it one of the most precise timepieces on the market.

The Spaceview Evolution also features two power-saving modes. If the watch remains stationary for five minutes, the movement stops the seconds hand to conserve energy. If there is no movement for ten days, the entire watch shuts down. Once the watch detects movement, it springs back to life, although the time may need to be reset.

For over six decades, Accutron has been at the forefront of horological innovation. From introducing the world’s first fully electronic watch to pioneering the use of electrostatic energy in timekeeping, Accutron has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in watch design and technology.

The Spaceview Evolution is a testament to this legacy. It is a worthy successor to the original Spaceview, combining cutting-edge technology with an aesthetic design that is both contemporary and reminiscent of the brand’s illustrious history.

Accutron Spaceview Evolution
Accutron Spaceview Evolution

The Spaceview Evolution is priced at $3,950. While this may be a significant investment, it’s worth remembering that you’re not just buying a watch; you’re investing in a piece of horological history, a testament to Accutron’s pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation.

Tech Specs

Accutron Spaceview Evolution

Movement: Accutron Electrostatic Caliber
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Case: 43.5mm × 15.9mm polished stainless steel, 50m water resistance
Dial: Open-worked dials in either smoke gray or silver tone
Strap: Black or blue alligator strap
Price: USD 3,950

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