La Dolce Vita with Bulgari and Revolution

On Monday, 26th August, REVOLUTION and Bulgari hosted an intimate evening of La Dolce Vita for select friends of REVOLUTION. Held at Oca Grassa in Bukit Pasoh, a district in Singapore known for its fine-dining options, the evening starred a cast of exquisite Swiss timepieces, delightful cuisine and incredible wines.

The evening’s theme was Italian conviviality and familial sharing — in keeping with Bulgari’s Roman heritage — and the informality of the freely circulating food platters and wines only served to accentuate the exceptional quality and craftsmanship evident in the horological highlights that were present. Timepieces, such as the chiming Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon (first debuted in 2013) and this year’s Bulgari Commedia dell’Arte minute repeater with automata, were flown in from Switzerland and demonstrated Bulgari’s command of haut de gamme watchmaking.

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In attendance were special guests from Bulgari’s watchmaking division in Switzerland — Pascal Brandt (Bulgari watch communications director and watch ambassador), Andrea Granalli (director of high complications) and Fabrizio Buonamassa (head of watch design). From Bulgari’s regional office were country manager Wong Wei Ling and wholesale manager Fulvio Manini. REVOLUTION founders Wei Koh and Dr Bruce Lee were also present, as was editor-in-chief of REVOLUTION Asia, Suzanne Wong.

Good food and good wine must be accompanied by stellar company and sparkling conversation. Surrounded by the very finest examples of jewellery and timepieces from Bulgari, guests spent the evening in unabated enjoyment of the finer things in life.

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