Bremont ambassador Kristin Harila beats Nims Purja’s climbing world record

Doubles the achievement of the previous record.

British watchmaker Bremont has once again broken a record. Its ambassador, Norwegian climber Kristin Harila, has just achieved a new world record by conquering the 14 tallest mountains above 8,000 meters in under three months, precisely 92 days. Accompanying Kristin on this remarkable journey was Lama, a Sherpa who is intimately familiar with the terrain and, more importantly, brave and dedicated.

Kristin Harila and Lama fly the Bremont flag

Naturally, the brand supported Kristin’s daring adventure as the official timekeeper, equipping her with the Supermarine S300, a 40 mm dive watch that’s functional, legible, and exceptionally durable – a perfect fit for the expedition.


In an old-school manner reminiscent of Rolex’s Testimonees writing to the brand in the early to mid-20th century, Kristin comments, “I can certainly vouch for the Bremont Supermarine Collection’s trustworthiness, suitability for the task, and incredible reliability throughout both seasons. My Bremont watch provided everything I needed from a tool watch as I pushed myself and my equipment to the extreme. I’m deeply grateful to Bremont for believing in me and helping me realize my dreams.”

Curiously, this marks the second instance of Bremont’s involvement in supporting such a monumental adventure. The prior record holder, Nims Purja, secured a new world record by scaling all fourteen peaks within a span of 192 days back in 2019 – a feat that not only defied precedent but also obliterated the previous record of seven years and eleven months, an accomplishment that had remained unassailable for over three decades. Nims also wore the very same watch that adorned Kristin’s wrist during her triumphant ascent.

The Supermarine S300 worn on 14 peaks above 8,000 m

Now that Nims has transitioned to Montblanc as an ambassador, Bremont has once again claimed the title of having the world record holder as their ambassador. In the realm of contemporary watch brand advertising, British watchmaker Bremont stands out for its intriguing selection of ambassadors. Often hailing from the realm of sports or adventure, they embody a sincere professionalism that harmonises with the brand’s ethos. Despite not commanding the same level of online fame as traditional celebrities, it is precisely this authenticity that sets Bremont’s ambassadors apart.


It’s both intriguing and amusing to witness the competition between these two brands for their image. Nevertheless, above all else, it is the remarkable achievements of Kristin and her climbing partner Lama that truly deserve celebration and admiration.


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  1. Paul says:

    Is Bremont aware of the controversy surrounding Harila’s summit of K2?

  2. omar chaudhry says:
    The sad side of this success

    Sadly a fallen porter was left to die on her quest to scale K2 and break the record. For many her achievement will forever be tied to that tragic loss of life.

  3. Will says:
    RIP Muhammad Hassan

    No mention of the death of Muhammad Hassan? No mention of how Harila celebrated on social media, knowing he was dead? No mention of Bremont’s silence, even though they sponsored the climb?

    Do better, Revolution. Do better, watch “journalists.” Do better, watch world.

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