Unveiling the Jacob & Co | Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious with Alain Schiesser

Join Wei and Alain Schiesser, Co-founder of Le Cercle des Horlogers SA, as they delve into the exquisite world of watchmaking, where the mastery of mechanics meets the passion for automobiles, exemplified by the awe-inspiring Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious timepieces. At the heart of the Twin Turbo’s marvel lies not one but two triple-axis tourbillons, representing the pinnacle of tourbillon craftsmanship. These tourbillons are not merely technically challenging; they are visually mesmerizing. Encased in delicate cages, they pirouette through space in a breathtaking display of lightning-fast yet precisely orchestrated movements.


Taking innovation to the next level, the Twin Turbo Furious introduces a Monopusher Chronograph and a pit board time difference calculator. But its crowning glory remains the twin triple-axis tourbillons, a testament to watchmaking’s most complex and visually enthralling marvels. These tourbillons, encased in exquisitely finished and ultra-lightweight cages, continue to dance through space, showcasing a total of 104 meticulously crafted components while weighing a mere 1.15 grams. With both Twin Turbo models, you’ll experience the synergy of automotive-inspired design and horological excellence, where precision and artistry converge to create timepieces that transcend the ordinary.

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