Introducing the Carillon Tourbillon Biver

Revolution founder Wei Koh and editor-at-large Eleonor Picciotto visited the Biver family to discuss their new eponymous brand and its first trio of novelties. The legendary Jean-Claude Biver and his son Pierre divulged the impetus for their unique haute horlogerie brand, their intentions and direction for it, and how father and son have forged a powerful dynamic.

Featuring high-end finishing even on parts of the watch that the admirer cannot see, the 42mm Carillon Tourbillon Biver has three variants: domed sodalite dial with 5N gold case, silver obsidian hardstone dial with titanium case, and skeletonized dial with 5N gold case. The stone dials are mounted on gold bases. All three timepieces have 5N or white gold hands and hour markers. They are secured to the wrist by 5N gold or titanium bracelets that sport the exclusive five-link BIVER design. Driven by the JCB-001, Carillon Tourbillon Biver timepeices each comprises a tourbillon, carillon minute repeater and micro-rotor, and start from CHF 520,000 excluding tax.

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