Introducing the Breitling Endurance Pro

Breitling has been leaning hard into their history recently. This year along we were treated to a funky take on the cult classic Top Time, the AVI Ref. 765 1953 re-edition and the popular rainbow-dialled Superocean Heritage ’57. And that’s before we factor in the impressive ’80s-inspired Chronomat family. One could argue that this is CEO Georges Kern returning to his happy hunting ground of heritage, but as the new Endurance Pro shows, Breitling isn’t afraid of pushing the envelope on occasion.

With the Endurance Pro Breitling has concocted what they’re referring to as an athleisure watch — and given the state of the professional wardrobe in this year of working from home, I can’t think of better timing. Before examining the leisure part of the equation, let’s talk about the ath.

Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)
Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)

The Endurance Pro is the result of Breitling Triathlon Squad member Jan Frodena wondering what watch would best fit his high-performance lifestyle. What this watch brings to the table in this regard is a surprising (though far from unbearable) lightness, an obvious boon to someone who runs, swims and rides punishing distances on a regular basis. Breitling has achieved this featherweight countenance (the watch on rubber weighs a mere 64.28 grams) though the use of two typically Breitling materials, Breitlight and thermo-compensated quartz.

Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)

Breitlight is a material Breitling introduced in 2016, debuting it on Avenger Hurricane. It’s a proprietary, a trademarked polymer that the brand says is 3.3 times lighter than titanium, or a whopping 5.8 times lighter than steel — yet harder than both. And, unlike many similar-looking stealth black watches, it’s not a watch made with carbon composite. But while Breitling is keeping quiet on the exact composition of this lightweight material, they’re more than happy to trumpet its benefits, which go beyond heft and hardwearing-ness, to encompass anti-magnetism, corrosion-resistance and hypoallergenic properties. In short, it’s precisely the sort of material you want to make a knockabout sports watch out of. The chances are strong that this 44mm case will look as good as new after years of taking a beating on the track (or field).

Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)
Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)

Quartz technology is also an important arrow in Breitling’s quiver, and the brand has continued to offer high-grade quartz technology in its watches, or as they call it, Superquartz. Now, this quartz is indeed pretty super. In addition to being Chronometer-certified, Breitling’s quartz movements have been specially adjusted to compensate for variation in temperature, adding up to a more accurate watch. In terms of functionality, the Endurance Pro keeps it clean — offering traditional chronograph functionality with 1/10th of a second and 30-minute registers. The whole package is water-resistant to 100m, which feels pretty pro if you ask me.

Breitling Endurance Pro (©Revolution)

How about the leisure side of the athleisure equation? Well, for starters, a watch that doesn’t need babying or fussing over in any way at all already seems pretty leisure-friendly to me. Add to that mix a bright palette of colours in the rubber straps and inner bezel, and you’ve got a watch is equally at home working hard or partying down.

Technical Specifications


Breitling Caliber 82, thermo-compensated SuperQuartz with chronograph and date

Case and Dial

Breitlight, 44mm diameter by 12.5mm tall, water-resistant to 10 bar, sapphire crystal and solid caseback. Black dial with either a white, blue, yellow, orange, or red inner bezel.


Rubber with Breitlight double-pin buckle, Outerknown ECONYL yarn straps available separately.

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