In Conversation with Hervé Schlüchter; The Former Student, The Future Master

Wei is joined by Hervé Schlüchter for the first time ever, to unravel the L’Essential, the first watch of his namesake brand. Hervé Schlüchter was born in the Swiss Jura and is a former student of the watchmaking school in Porrentruy. In 2000, Hervé Schlüchter joined the independent brand Bovet and stayed for 16 years before leaving in 2016, as the director of Dimier, a sub-brand to Bovet that is equally high-end.

A decisive encounter with the grandmaster, Phillipe Dufour, changes Hervé’s life as Phillipe brought him under his wing and taught him technique and his perspective of mechanical art. This also helps Hervé to be a respected figure within the watch-making world.

At the age of 44, Hervé opened his Ateliers in Bienne, in an amazing villa. He brought the rose engines that were bought from guilloche master, Georges Brodbeck, recruited two watchmakers, and, in 2022, invited the press to the official opening of Ateliers Hervé Schlüchter.

“Respect for people, respect for things, and the love for work done well. These are the values transmitted to me by Philippe Dufour.” – Hervé Schlüchter

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