G-Shock: MR-G Goes Full Samurai

G-Shock: MR-G Goes Full Samurai

To celebrate its latest, and most expensive, MR-G timepiece, Casio enlisted famous swordsmith Teruhira Kamiyama to hand-engrave the Japanese characters jyuryokumaru (meaning “gravity” in English) on the caseback.

Selling for $4,300, this special connected MR-G G-Shock was created to be the top of the line. The all-titanium case underwent Arc Ion Plating to give it a mirror-like, purple finish, and the case, back cover and clasp underwent a deep-hardening treatment to make it five times harder than regular titanium. The bezel of the new MR-G is created from Murasaki-gane metal and Cobarion; two materials that combine to make the bezel two to three times stronger than stainless steel.

Technology-wise, the watch uses G-Shock’s three-way time sync (Bluetooth connectivity, GPS satellite signal reception and Multi-Band 6 technology). The watch also features Tough Solar technology to charge it in any light condition.

“The MR-G line is geared toward G-Shock and high-end watch collectors,” said a spokesperson for G-Shock in an exclusive exchange with Revolution.Watch. “Customers often choose a MR-G watch for its Japanese hand craftsmanship and the fact that there’s only a limited number of them out in the world.”

MR G G-Shock

Having famous swordsmith Teruhira Kamiyama engrave each MR-G timepiece was a real coup for Casio and only heightens the exclusivity of this piece.

“With Teruhira Kamiyama being one of the leading blade craftsmen in the world and G-Shock being the toughest watch in the world, the partnership was a natural fit,” the spokesperson added. “G-Shock had been interested in working with Kamiyama for a while now and this MR-G timepiece was the perfect opportunity.”

Teruhira Kamiyama
Teruhira Kamiyama

The timepiece, which undergoes complete testing to ensure absolute toughness (drop simulation, being submerged under water to test water resistance, and a hammer test to name a few) comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology features including:

  • 200M water resistance and shock resistance
  • World time
  • Daily alarm
  • Countdown timer
  • Automatic Date Update
  • Airplane Mode
  • Super Illuminator LED light
  • Full auto calendar
  • Day/date display

The new MR-G (MRGG2000RJ-2A) will be available starting this February at selected high-end jewelers and the G-Shock Soho store in New York City.

MR G G-Shock