F.P. Journe: A Retrospective Part 3

Presenting part 3 of our retrospective on the watchmaking journey of François-Paul Journe, where he discusses his inspiration and, more importantly, his pursuit of precision chronometry. His obsession with chronometry led him to a single simple question, “What is the ideal watch I would make for myself?”. That, in turn, became a chase down the rabbit hole, one that sparked the creation of the Chronométre Optimum and The Optimal Chronometer.

Even though the idea to create his own watch started in 1984, François-Paul Journe lacked the wealth of experience required to work on the piece. He kept it in the drawer for more than a decade, and the Chronométre Optimum only saw the light of day in 2012, after the debut of Tourbillon Souverain and Chronometre Souverain.

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