Experiment ZR012; Blackout In Singapore

One of the watches that proofed that we are truly living in the Renaissance of the mechanical watch was Experiment ZR012 from C3H5N3O9. This joint-venture of Urwerk and MB&F took high end watchmaking even a step further than we are accustomed of these already revolutionary brands. Main focal point in this piece de resistance is the display of hour and minutes, which was inspired by the design of a Wankel-engine. This unique engine design was patented as early as 1929. Although many brands experimented with this type of engine (Mercedes put it for example in their famous C111 concept car) it didn’t made it’s debut into a commercial car until the 1964 NSU Spider, but is perhaps most famous for their use in Mazda’s RX7 and RX8 sports cars.

ZR012's innovative movement
ZR012’s innovative movement

Experiment ZR012 seem to have brought out the best of both MB&F, as well as Urwerk, but for the newest version of the experiment they joined forces with the Hour Glass. Some might have recognized that C3H5N3O9 is the chemical formula for nitroglycerine, mainly used as an explosive and known to be rather unstable. The choice for this as a name of the brand, shows the sense of humor of its founders. As serious as they take watchmaking, so free flowing are their idea’s how to take it to the next level. For the newest Experiment ZR012 the watch is crafted completely in black, giving it a slightly sinister look, while at the same time add a distinct dash of understatement.

Sinister understatement
Sinister understatement

The new version will be introduced at the Hour Glass ‘Super Machines and Horological Heroes‘ exhibition in the main atrium of the Paragon Center, Singapore, that runs from September 18 until September 30th. The black version of Experiment ZR012 is limited to only twelve pieces, and can only be acquired through the Hour Glass.

Martin Green

ZR012's back with Power Reserve indicator
ZR012’s back with Power Reserve indicator

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