Introducing Citizen’s New Limited-Edition Attesa Watches

Citizen unveils three new limited-edition Attesa models, a special tribute to the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program, featuring the latest in watch technology.

In 2019, Citizen became a corporate sponsor of ispace’s Hakuto-R lunar exploration program. This program aims to explore and utilize the resources of the moon through the use of advanced robotic spacecraft technology. The first mission, Mission 1, was successfully launched in December 2022, making ispace the first commercial lander to be sent into space with the goal of landing on the moon. This mission provided valuable insights and data for future lunar landings.

As part of their partnership with ispace, Citizen supplies their proprietary “super titanium” alloy for the landing legs of the lunar lander. Super titanium is a lightweight and durable material that has become a hallmark of Citizen’s watches. The collaboration between Citizen and ispace has opened up new frontiers in both watchmaking and space exploration.

Introducing the Hakuto-R Collaboration Models

This year Citizen presents three new limited-edition Attesa models that pay homage to the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program. These watches combine state-of-the-art technology with exquisite design elements inspired by the moon, the ultimate destination of the Hakuto-R lunar lander. Each of these limited-edition Attesa models is a testament to Citizen’s dedication to incorporating advanced technology into their watches.

Model CC4065-61Y Featuring Mother Of Pearl Dial

The CC4065-61Y model features the first-ever full mother of pearl dial from the Attesa collection. The mother of pearl dial is layered over a colored base, evoking the distinctive patterns found on the moon’s surface. The center links of the bracelet are crafted from recrystallized titanium, adding a touch of lunar magic to the design. This model showcases a range of materials with different textures and properties, perfectly capturing the mysterious nature of moonlight at night.

Equipped with Citizen’s advanced F950 movement, this watch offers a range of functions that make it a grand complication in the world of quartz watches. It features a perpetual calendar, world time, and a 1/20th of a second chronograph, among other impressive features. The F950 movement not only ensures precise timekeeping but also provides the fastest GPS satellite signal reception in the world, allowing the watch to synchronize with time signals in as little as 3 seconds. Retail price is USD 2,995 and limited to 1,900 pieces.

Model BY1008-67L Featuring Moon Phase Complication

The BY1008-67L model is a dynamic piece that pays tribute to the progress of technological innovation achieved by ispace’s Hakuto-R program and Citizen’s own development capabilities. The textured ink on the dial evokes the rugged surface of the moon, capturing its unique patterns and textures. This model features Luna Program, a function that calculates the moon phase for each day based on date signals received from multi-band radio transmitters. The moon phase is then automatically adjusted and displayed on the dial, adding a touch of celestial beauty to the timepiece.

The case and bracelet of the BY1008-67L model are crafted in black DLC, reminiscent of the peaceful hush of the night. The case is made of super titanium coated with “Duratect” DLC, a hard, carbon-based layer that provides scratch resistance and preserves the definition and finish of the watch. Powered by Citizen’s Caliber H874, this timepiece offers precise timekeeping with an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month. Retail price is USD 1,475 and limited to 2,400 pieces.

Model BY1009-64Y Featuring Golden Moon

The BY1009-64Y model is another tribute to the progress of technological innovation and the artistic depiction of the moon. Like its counterpart, the BY1008-67L, it features the textured ink on the dial that evokes the rugged surface of the moon, paying homage to the Hakuto-R program’s pioneering spirit. Equipped with Luna Program, this model also showcases the moon phase function, with a moon phase window that displays the current moon phase in a deep black color printed using pearl ink. The golden moon emerges from the darkness of the star-filled sky, creating a captivating visual display.

The metallic pink accents on the dial of the BY1009-64Y model are inspired by the color of cherry blossoms, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The case and bracelet, like the previous model, are crafted in black, symbolizing the tranquility of the night. Powered by Citizen’s Caliber H874, this timepiece offers accurate timekeeping, ensuring that every moment is measured with precision. Retail price is USD 1,475 and limited to 2,100 pieces.

Each watch in this collection encapsulates the spirit and ethos of the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program. They are equipped with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, a solar-powered system that harnesses light energy to power the watch, eliminates the need for battery changes and ensures uninterrupted performance. The watches are also equipped with GPS satellite syncing capability, allowing for accurate time synchronization with just a press of a button. The world time function, perpetual calendar, and other features further enhance the functionality and convenience of these timepieces.


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