Chronopassion’s Anti-Expansionist Strategy | Revolution Top Retailers | EP 2

Chronopassion – Revolution Top Retailers 2024

Chronopassion is a single-boutique retailer based in Paris that was established more than 36 years ago by the famed Laurent Piciotto, has gained recognition and admiration in the luxury watch industry. Despite its small size, it has been placed on the same pedestal as industry giants. The retailer is known for its dynamic presence and is highly regarded for its offerings in luxury watches.

Located on the upscale Rue Saint-Honoré, Chronopassion’s store boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic. While it may not aggressively demand attention, its captivating window display featuring revolving carousel cabinets imagined by Xavier Dietlin showcasing the latest and most coveted contemporary timepieces is sure to catch the eye of luxury enthusiasts. The store’s tasteful presentation adds to its allure, making it an enticing destination for those with a discerning taste for luxury watches.

While Chronopassion has indeed become a powerhouse in the luxury watch retail scene, it is important to note that it didn’t start out that way. Laurent Piciotto, gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry through his early struggles and navigating the ever-changing watch market. To delve into the beginnings of Chronopassion’s early years and the experiences that shaped its success, Eleonor Piciotto, Editor-At-Large for Revolution, joins her father in sharing their insights. Together, they provide a fascinating stories, the challenges faced and the journey that led to Chronopassion becoming one of the most popular watch retailers in Paris.


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