Breguet’s Classic Tour Brings Gentlemen’s Art de Vivre to Geneva

After the success of its inaugural event in London, Breguet’s Classic Tour came to Geneva last night for an evening of discovery. The concept of the Breguet Classic Tour is to invite the brand’s friends and clients to meet different artisanal craftsmen working in the domain of gentlemen’s art de vivre, from grooming to fashion, well-being to lifestyle.

“We all take care of ourselves in the morning when we shave or groom our beards and get dressed for the day. The quest for savoir-faire and excellence is something to share. So, the concept of the Classic Tour is to bring friends together with artisans from different areas of men’s elegance as well as share the métiers d’art and know-how of the Breguet Maison,” shared Montres Breguet’s Vice President Jean-Charles Zufferey.

An elegant group of Breguet’s friends and clients met in Geneva’s Leopard Room Bar and Lounge at the Hotel Angleterre where they could talk to a number of craftsmen about gentlemen’s styling. They had the opportunity to sit in a barber’s chair installed by Dandy’s Barber Lounge for a beard reshaping, a quick trim or a discussion on styling. In another corner of the lounge, they could meet traditional cobbler, Arturo Belli, who was present to share his passion for bespoke shoes. Founded in 1900, Arturo Belli is the last remaining bespoke cobbler in Switzerland and is famous for its unique method of measuring feet in the pursuit of maximum comfort.

No men’s elegance get-together would be complete without a tailor, and Geneva’s bespoke suitmaker, Fasan, displayed some of its most popular styles and fabrics for guests to admire too.

But, most importantly, this dapper group of gentlemen were there to talk watches and as most of them were already Breguet owners, conversations quickly gravitated around the world of watches and in particular the brand’s Classique Collection, which was on display in showcases around the lounge.

“Breguet’s Classique Collection is particularly contemporary. It has been designed for men, like the Classic Tour itself, but it also appeals to women. Tastes have changed, styles have evolved and more and more women think nothing of wearing a timepiece that has a diameter of 40mm or 42mm, and they are equally welcome on The Classic Tour,” added Zufferey.

One of the guests kindly showed us his Breguet timepiece, a stunning pocket watch from the 18th century, which he was wearing elegantly on a chain that matched perfectly with his chequered waistcoat. After further discussions, we realised we were talking to none other than Emmanuel Breguet, a direct descendent of Abraham-Louis Breguet himself, and historian and ambassador for the brand. He gracefully posed for us for a photo as you can see below.

The Breguet Tour will be back on the road later in the year with plans to visit other major capital cities across the world and if it comes to a city near you, we can thoroughly recommend joining the fun.

Next stops: Brussels in March and Milan in April 2018.

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