Breguet Introduces the Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes with an Enamel Dial

Impeccably striking.

A watchmaker that has been making chiming watches since the late 18th century, Breguet surprisingly has only a handful of minute repeaters in its modern catalog. That’s a missed opportunity, but it’s now changing with the reveal of the Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes, a pair of minimalist time-only wristwatches that may be among the most beautiful minute repeaters on the market.

White gold and deep blue enamel

Minute repeater and enamel

A minute repeater is a common complication among top-tier brands. It serves not only as a showcase of technical proficiency in acoustics but also as a platform to highlight the beauty in simplicity. This is precisely why many of these timepieces adopt a minimalistic, time-only design. Yet, creating a simple watch is even more challenging to execute because there’s nothing to hide.


Fortunately, Breguet has demonstrated design prowess with the new Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes. It is simple but far from plain. In fact, almost everything about the design is impeccable.


Starting with the palette, the combination of either a rose gold case with a black dial or a white gold case with a blue dial offers strong contrast, enhancing the watch’s attractiveness. More importantly, the execution of the dial is top-notch, as it is made of grand feu enamel, giving it a deep, natural gloss unmatched by other methods such as lacquering.

Rose gold and black enamel

While the dial is a simple time-only design with two hands, the Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes stands out with its excellent selection of typography and hand type. The use of Breguet numerals on the hour markers, as well as the Breguet hands, breathes life into the simple dial, preventing it from looking boring. There are also other important details that might not be visible at first glance, but they all contribute to the design of the dial, such as the star minute markers and Breguet’s “secret” signature above six o’clock, both design elements inspired by the brand’s vintage pocket watches.


Arguably, the only downside of the watch is its size. The case is 42 mm wide, which is unusually large for a time-only watch, especially in an era when smaller watches are making a comeback. Coupled with the straight lugs, the watch will appear even larger on the wrist. The size is the only element that isn’t in harmony with the overall elegant style, but it will make sense for individuals with larger wrists seeking a more contemporary and striking wrist presence.

The secret signature
And fancy markers

Hand-wound and hand-engraved

Inside the watch is the hand-wound cal. 567.2, a movement that perfectly captures classical charm in both construction and finishing, complementing this elegant wristwatch beautifully.


The cal. 567.2 features an old-school construction with multiple bridges, indicating its development in a bygone era. These individual bridges are already striking on their own, but they are elevated to another level here because they have been meticulously hand-engraved with a floral pattern. This intricate detail lends an unusually luxurious appearance to the movement, reminiscent of the top-quality watches from the 20th century and earlier. And, of course, the bridges and hammers are exquisitely beveled.

The beautifully decorated cal. 567.2

Notably, the movement also incorporates an innovation by the brand. The gongs, which are struck by hammers to produce the chime, have been crafted from gold to match the case material. According to the brand, gold gongs produce a richer sound, and they also enhance sound transmission, thanks to being made from the same material as the case.

Gongs in gold

Breguet Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes Specs and Price

Movement: Cal. 567.2; hand-wound; 40 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, and minute repeater
Case: 42 x 12.25 mm; 18k rose or white gold (titanium)
Strap: Alligator strap with folding clasp
Availability: At Breguet boutiques and retailers
Limited edition: No
Price: USD 248,800


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