BREAKING NEWS: ROLEX Now Official Broadcast Sponsor of Oscars 2017

BREAKING NEWS: ROLEX Now Official Broadcast Sponsor of Oscars 2017

Rolex just announced that it is now the sponsor of the 89th Academy Awards® broadcast, live on Sunday, 26 February 2017 on the ABC Television Network. For the second year in a row, Rolex is the exclusive sponsor of the Oscars Greenroom.

Rolex is no stranger to film, having been featured in many movies on the wrists of some of the greatest stars, and the brand has lent support to young film-makers through the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Film mentors have included Academy Award-winning directors Martin Scorsese, Alejandro González Iñárritu and 2016 mentor, Alfonso Cuarón.

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“Rolex supports inspiring individuals and organizations who achieve great heights in both the sporting world and the arts, and the Academy exemplifies this pursuit of defying the odds to reach unimaginable goals,” says Arnaud Boetsch, Rolex Director of Communication & Image. ”The Academy Awards and Rolex recognize and uphold excellence.”

Director James Cameron, a Rolex Testimonee for many years, understands the power of details in making stories come alive on screen. His Titanic, which won 11 Oscars, is tied for the most awards ever, and Avatar holds the record as the highest-grossing film in history.

“Great movies are made in details, and not just a few details – every detail,” he explains. “Every character, every prop, and every sequence. A Rolex is not only a beautiful watch and a masterpiece of engineering, it’s very tough. It’s a watch that you can take into any environment and which can stand up to the pressure. So, what you’re saying subliminally to the audience is: that character can take the pressure, too; he or she has what it takes.”

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Last year, Rolex’s first as the sponsor of the Oscars Greenroom, the Rolex Interior Design teams from Geneva, completely redesigned the Greenroom, using a combination of classic style and superlative quality. Referred to by USA Today as “the hottest bar in the world,” the Greenroom is where the stars can relax before and after they go on stage. The 2017 Greenroom will feature a new design and concept.

Congratulations to Rolex for becoming a sponsor of the 89th Academy Awards® broadcast and the Oscars Greenroom. Make sure you watch, live on ABC on Sunday, 26 February 2017. If your movie doesn’t win, at least you’ll have something to cheer about – Rolex’s involvement!

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