Bovet’s “The Art & Poetry of Artisinal Engraving” exhibition.


On Wednesday the Revolution team were invited to Bovet’s “The Art & Poetry of Artisinal Engraving” exhibition at the Sincere Haute Horlogerie, Hilton Shopping Gallery in Singapore. Running until September 4th, the Revolution team were treated to two masters from the Atelier demonstrating the complexities and intricacies involved in creating the spectacular enamel dials and engraved movements. Bovet-Sincere01 Bovet-Sincere02 Bovet-Sincere03 Bovet-Sincere04 Bovet-Sincere05 Bovet-Sincere06 Bovet-Sincere07 Bovet-Sincere08 Bovet-Sincere09 Bovet-Sincere10 Bovet-Sincere11 Bovet-Sincere12 Bovet-Sincere13 Bovet-Sincere14 Bovet-Sincere15 Bovet-Sincere16 Bovet-Sincere17 Bovet-Sincere18 Bovet-Sincere19 Bovet-Sincere20 Bovet-Sincere21 Bovet-Sincere22 Bovet-Sincere23 Bovet-Sincere24

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