Baselworld 2014: Ulysse Nardin Introduces The Hourstriker Tiger

When you say Jaquemarts, you are instantly saying Ulysse Nardin. This complication has become a benchmark complication for the brand since the 1980’s and currently Ulysse Nardin is the only brand that still makes watches that feature Jaquemarts on the dial side of the watch. A new addition to this collection is always a special event. In the past we have seen a circus, safari and even a masked carnival in Venice feature the dials of these extraordinary watches. This time, Ulysse Nardin decided to let the tiger take centrestage on the dial.

6106-130_E2-TigerThis dial is veryspecial, since it is made of a solid disc of black onyx. This adds extra difficulty to the watch, since this semi-precious stone needs to be cut very thin in order to be able to function as a dial. This is rarely done nowadays, making it a rare form of craftsmanship. The tigers, standing upright on their back paws, are hand carved from 18K rose gold. They go after each other with their front paws every hour, or indicate the time on demand at the press of a button.

6106-130_E2-Tiger_masseThe Hourstriker Tiger is fitted with an automatic movement, adding to the complexity of the mechanism. A stunning rose gold rotor featuring the Ulysse Nardin logo surrounded by a fine guilloche powers the movement and is placed right under the gongs. Creating these gongs is a particular delicate task since they need to produce the correct tone. It is here that Ulysse Nardin’s long tradition creating Jaquemarts comes into play.

Important here is also that the Hourstiker Tiger features a brand new case design. 43 mm in width, this case embodies the unique approach that Ulysse Nardin has always had towards case design. The most prominent features are the stunning stepped lugs. Most of the time this feature gives the watch a more neoclassical look, but not with Ulysse Nardin. By blowing up the sides slightly and making the bezel slope, the case has a very contemporary look and feel. As a finishing touch Ulysse Nardin features this watch with an unusual design for the hands. This is also the true power of Ulysse Nardin, they have always taken a different approach to making their watches and have created their own signature style that continues to look youthful and current even in the passing of time. And with the Hourstriker Tiger, that passing of time will the accompanied by a strike and a roar!

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