anOrdain Unveils Model 3 Method with Wood-Grain Enamel Dial

Chiselled wood pattern covered in translucent enamel.

A British microbrand that has stayed rather focused in its offerings, anOrdain is known for its collections of enamel dial wristwatches with prices in the low thousands, making them an unusually elaborate and niche offering within this category.


Now, the brand has unveiled the Model 3 Method with an all-new case and dial. Specifically, the dial is adorned with a wood-grain pattern reminiscent of guilloché but with a more organic touch, beautifully covered in layers of translucent enamel, available in either light green or turquoise blue.

The Model 3 Method Lichen (left) and Aqua

Chiseled wood pattern

Lewis, the founder of anOrdain, has always been interested in creating a flinqué enamel dial that combines guilloché work and enameling. Yet, he’s reluctant to use repetitive, mechanical patterns.


This is where Method Studio comes into play. Another workshop based in Scotland, just like anOrdain, Method Studio specializes in crafting cabinets and trunks for renowned clients, including big names like Vacheron Constantin and Hermes. Lewis was particularly intrigued by the hand-chiseled wood pattern created by Method Studio, considering it the perfect replacement for a guilloché pattern due to its organic, handcrafted nature.


As a result, the two brands have collaborated to create the dial for the Model 3 Method. To achieve this, anOrdain partnered with the Glasgow School of Art to access a structured-light 3D scanner, which captured the hand-chiseled pattern from Method Studio. This pattern was then translated into a steel stamping die using laser technology. Finally, a silver dial blank is stamped with the die to recreate the wood-grain pattern.

The wood boards with chiseled textures

After the blank dial is stamped, the craftspeople at anOrdain then apply layers of enamel to it, which, of course, require repeated applications and firings. The result is a dial in vibrant hues of either blue or green, both of which are translucent, revealing the rippling pattern underneath. According to anOrdain, this process is particularly challenging due to the uneven surface, which easily leads to increased opportunities for defects such as bubbles or cracks to occur.


While the wood-grain pattern is new to anOrdain, a textured enamel dial is not entirely unprecedented. The brand has previously applied enamel over a hand-hammered surface. However, this latest release represents the most expensive watch ever produced by the brand, costing approximately twice as much as the base model with a plain enamel dial and 35% more than the previous hammered enamel dial.

Hand painting the dial with enamel
A close-up view of the enamel dial reveals some spots, which are tiny bubbles that are unavoidable in fired enamel

A compact case

To complement the new dial, a new case design has been introduced for the Model 3 Method. Similar to the Model 1, the Model 3 case maintains a sleek profile from all angles, creating a minimalist look. The latest iteration, though, takes this a step further with even slimmer lugs and a thinner bezel, resulting in a more refined appearance compared to the brand’s earlier models, which is particularly noticeable from the side. However, the new case may evoke the design of the Nomos Orion case.


Despite these enhancements, the new case is slightly wider at 39 mm in diameter, which is a few millimeters larger than its predecessors. It still maintains a slender profile of just 10.5 mm, made possible thanks to the Sellita SW 300 movement, an equivalent to the slim ETA 2892.

The Model 3 Method Aqua

anOrdain Model 3 Method specs and price

Movement: Sellita SW300; automatic; 42 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, and seconds
Case: 39 mm x 10.5 mm; steel; water resistant to 50 m
Strap: Leather strap
Availability: Directly from anOrdain
Limited edition: No
Price: USD 4,394 (price excludes taxes)


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