3 Reasons You Need A Dive Watch In Your Life

I’m in a quandary. I have one great dress watch that I wear all the time. I love it. And it has huge meaning to me. The issue is that I still envy those I see with the same rugged, beaten up dive watch they seem to have had strapped to their wrists for the past 20 years. That watch they just go to subconsciously and forget it’s even on. I want that in my life. And this is why I think you will want one too.

REASON 1: Some of the coolest men in history wore dive watches. Think Jacques Cousteau, James Bond and special forces operatives from the Royal Navy, Marina Militare and the Bérets Verts.

REASON 2: You will wear it everywhere. It will get scuffed. It will get scratched. You will have stories to tell ‘about that time ..’.  You will only love it more and more because of it. There will be no further need for you to prance around like a fairy protecting your wrist from the perils of the world. For the first time ever you will have the moral license to throw yourself into life with reckless abandon. Feel compelled to lift heavy things. Climb hills. Chase men that steal things from women. Put fires out. Chop wood.

REASON 3: You will be prepared for anything. This means that while sunning yourself on holiday, you would feel compelled, without hesitation to save that drowning child. You could actually go diving. And at the same time take amazing underwater shots of you diving with giant whales. Then revel in the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ when you immediately post these images on your Instagram page on your return to your bitterly cold, overly air-conditioned hotel room. Oh and lets not forget, you’ll totally kill it with that tan and white linen shirt combo while ‘chillaxing’ around the bar that seems to float in the pool (you know the one). The gent serving you in the floral shirt may even compliment you on your horological prowess.

If you don’t already own one. Get a dive watch. I’m going to get one and possibly have that holiday in Reason 3 at long last.

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