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We believe that a beautifully made mechanical watch is meant to last a lifetime and beyond. As such what we identify as the period of first ownership for any timepiece might only represent the very nascent stage of its life span. Accordingly we want to ensure that every pre-owned watch is treated with the correct dignity and accorded the correct narrative and emotional empowerment to connect with its new buyer and find its new home. That is why we have decided to partner with Watchfinder & Co. – the premier resource from which to buy, sell and part-exchange pre-owned luxury watches since 2002. With quality and dependability at the heart of their business; Watchfinder provide unprecedented trust and transparency in the pre-owned market. Our new partnership with Watchfinder guarantees our buyers the very best protection on the market including a 14 day returns policy and a full 24-month Watchfinder warranty, alongside any pre-existing manufacturer’s warranty. And every single watch will be meticulously inspected, authenticated and prepared by Watchfinder’s team of expert watchmakers in Europe’s largest independent service centre – a service centre accredited by 19 of the world’s leading watch manufacturers. The Watchfinder x Revolution collaboration was initiated to educate, uplift, entertain while curating the best selection of our favourite timepieces that we happen to know are the right choices and the coolest watches. Some might be well known and others more obscure but once you read our stories and watch our videos you’ll understand what makes each and every one great. Then you’ll have the option to purchase these pre-owned watch at a great prices reflecting their market value and most importantly with the absolute guarantee of their perfect function and authenticity.

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