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Revolutionary Times Call for a Revolution Watch

Revolution Watch Company is focused on the U.S. novelty and timepiece collector marketplace, capitalizing on the 24/7 media coverage of presidential candidates and the emotional ties voters feel towards those running for president.

Our core product is a range of high-quality wristwatches featuring caricatures of the 2016 presidential election candidates. The caricatures are light-hearted, fun expressions of the candidate’s’ personality and physical traits.

Own a Revolution Watch. Own a Piece of American History

In the early 70’s, “The Dirty Watch Company” had huge success offering $19.95 wristwatches with caricatures of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. They sold 200,000+ watches using old-school print advertising and word-of-mouth, relying on mail order.

It became a viral sensation when a wire service photo of Ethel Kennedy wearing an Agnew watch ran in newspapers nationwide. Magazines from Time to Playboy ran stories on the watch, and were featured in many editorial cartoons. They even became a fashion statement for notable people such as John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and Pierre Salinger.

At 10 years old, little Larry Rubin was working at his father’s clock shop (The Timepiece) in historic colonial Haddonfield, N.J. shining watch crystals, repairing clocks and selling new and antique luxury watches up to $10,000 such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillip and Tag Heuer.  Then, in 1976, Larry was paid $2.50 an hour.  Mr. Rubin worked the next 8 years on Friday nights and the weekends selling beautiful watches and clocks.

While attending Drexel University getting his Marketing and Finance degree, Larry continued his watch journey selling antique wrist and pocket watches in-between semesters in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau paying his way through college.  

His dealings took him to the smoke filled backrooms of the Yakuza in Japan to some of the top Asia’s CEO’s whether it was a brunch at the Raffles Hotel or a $10 coffee on the 28 floor of the Hotel Metropolitan in Ikebukero.   

Founder of Xemex and Martin Braun USA, Mr. Rubin was the North American distributor of two new niche watch lines working with many interesting retail partners including MOMA in New York and over 150 quality jewelers and design stores throughout North America and the Caribbean.  He was the first Swiss luxury brand in 2000 to sell directly online through Ashford.com.  He worked with 50+ (sports, Hollywood, CEO) celebrities raising several hundred thousand dollars for over a dozen charities.  

Larry left the watch business for real estate in Austin, TX a few years ago.  Fortunately, at 3:06 A.M. on October 15th Mr. Rubin woke up from a dream and the idea for  “Revolution Watch Company” was born.  Mr. Rubin said, “maybe I was following politics too closely because I just shock my head and said to myself, “look at all of these characters running for President, and all of the passionate voters getting involved in the process.”  I have to make these watches.


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